Monday, June 8, 2009

Kharma, or my 9mm will get you.

I had a plan all laid out for lunchtime. I had planned on quickly eating and then starting dinner I know, I was so organized and everything! I was planning on making a marinara sauce using ingredients I had grown myself. Yeah, yeah, I gardened a bit this year. This was my first foray into the world of green-thumedness. I have been moderately successful. Anyshway, I had tomatoes, basil and parsley that I planned to pick and use.

I flitted out the back doors, across the deck and down to the back where I keep my little plants. WHAT THE HELL?! Someone stole my tomatoes. Who does that? Seriously! I had several ripe tomatoes that I had scouted out yesterday evening and they were gone! Oh, of course they left the unripe ones, probably so they can come back to steal them next week! Its not even like I live on a busy, highly traveled street either. In fact, where my tomato plants are is towards the end of a very short dead end street. Directly across from my plants is a very nosey neighbor, so I'm hoping she saw the culprit. Dude! I'm super pissed.

Soooo, I had to make due with some canned tomatoes. Not that I wasn't going to supplement my tomatoes with the canned stuff, but still! UGH!

I actually tried REALLY REALLY hard this year to grow stuff. Growing things is generally not what I do best, but this year was different!

I have mint and basil and tomatoes, and flowers, and pumpkins (I wasn't getting any closer than this folks. Please, I was in heels) and lettuce and beautifully blooming Crape Myrtles and I even sprouted two avocado pits, so I have avocado plants growing too!
Watch your back, tomato thief. I'll get you when you least expect it!!!


Sally's World said...

OMG...people wills teal anything wont they, once we had aarons oxygen cylinder stolen from the car, and another time someone stole a box of catheters!!!

as my nan used to say, the b*****ds will steal your eyes and come back for the sockets lol!

can you set a trap?

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Oh, that is horrible... I'm sorry this happened to you. That's just lousy.

Veggie Mom said...

Do you think the thief was a person or a critter? I've heard of deer sneaking into people's gardens and pilfering the tomatoes...

Sassypants Wifey said...

Oh my dude, sorry. It was me. I figured if you thought there were rabid tomato stealers on the lose you would wonder over here to escape them... Maybe it was a raccoon? Thor used to eat tomatoes, course, what wouldnt that fatty of a dog eat? Is there a pudgy neighbor dog? I would look that direction first. Then head the damn pesky neighbor kid direction. I swear, I am so glad we put a gate on the porch. The neighbor kids have no sense of boundaries. They will take and play with anything that isnt nailed down, and sometimes even if it is...

andy said...

i would SO have a tantrum if someone stole my hard work like that!

people keep trying to steal the vanity plate from my van. funny, 'cause it cost me $7 from Walmart. but if i ever catch someone trying to steal my shit?

look out.


p.s. i am totally jealous of your gardening abilities.

p.p.s. well really just because you actually have a garden. mine is only big enough for the dog to poop in;)

noble pig said...

Maybe it was the nosy neighbor...or an animal? That sucks.

the lactator said...

thats sad that someone would steel them. on a brighter note, at least you know they were grown so well that others were craving them as well. i wish i had a green thumb! you inspire me!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

The birds around here are always eating my tomatoes! What makes it even worse is that a. they only go after the ripe ones (the minute they turn ripe or one second before!) and b. they go through my whole garden just eating parts of each tomato. Dumb birds! They'd have been full after the first tomato if they'd just have eaten the whole dang thing! But, no they usually prefer just a bite or 2 of each! I feel your pain! I love gardening and do it every year, but I still hate losing even one fruit that I have spent so long tending to! ;) Good luck on the rest! If it was a thief and not a critter, can you really blame them? Store bought tomatoes just cannot compare to fresh off the vine! Yum-me!


The Rambler said...

Farking bastards!!

Time for a garden cam!

Bastards again!!