Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dear Pickles

To my dearest baby boy,
Should you again wake from your angelic slumber at 3am, thinking it is a good time to play and jump on your bed, please re-think the matter.
Mommy does not play well at that hour.
Mommy does not want to see your flashlight, flickering in her face at 4am.
Mommy loves you, and simply ADORES your smiling face, but I love it even more when it is peacefully dreaming, in the middle of the night.
Would it be too much to ask that you leave your little pecker INSIDE your diaper when you sleep?
Mommy doesn't quite enjoy cleaning peeps off the wall and bedding when I could be dreaming about relaxing in a hot bathtub.
Should Mommy, in an exhausted, desperate state, decide to bring you downstairs
please do not proceed to rip out her bookmark from her copy of "Breaking Dawn"...that's her happy place.
All of that being said, thanks for the extra cuddles and all night cartoon-a-thon! I never quite GOT "Yo Gabba-Gabba" until I watched it in that sleepy haze.
P.S. Can you share with Mommy your secret recipe for energy?

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