Monday, November 9, 2009

They just keep growing.

Testing, this thing on?



Alrighty well, so I've been MIA quite a bit. I have no real explanation for that. I still read everyone's blogs, I just felt I didn't have anything to talk about.

This past weekend we held the girls' 4th birthday party and we had a blast!

Mostly, I'm just gonna throw a crap ton of pictures your way.

But first, let me tell you about the cake. OMG, it tasted SUPERFAB! The cake itself was alternating layers of vanilla almond and chocolate almond cake (one twin prefers vanilla, the other chocolate) with alternating fillings of whipped ganache and almond cream. Seriously, yum. I also tried my hand at modeling things out of gum paste. It is actually a lot easier than it seems. The twins love the movie "Ratatouille" so that was the theme of their cake and we made our own pizzas to keep with the chef theme

My first go at the character Remy turned out cute. Unfortunately he lost his head in "Pam falling out of the cabinet" incident and I had to quickly make a new one which did not turn out so, whatever.

On with the pictures!

The birthday girls! This was their first outfit. They changed at least 3 their own insistence.
The Dude and Twin A.

A MammaDucky and her ducklings


Jumpin' around

I got plenty of kisses

Twin B

This, my friends, was an action shot. Seriously. I know, right? I should like, win awards for my stellar photography. Stop laughing.

I saw the girls drive their Jeep behind the bounce house. Then I heard cries for help amidst giggles. This is what I saw. My brain could not figure out how they possibly had accomplished a wheely in their Barbie Jeep.

It wasn't until I came around to the side, seeing The Dude nearly in tears from laughing so hard, that I saw how they had done it. They had driven UP AND ONTO a big ball. They wanted to do it again and again.


StepherB said...

OMG the Barbie Jeep incident was hillarious! Too funny! I LOVE the cake! Great job! The little character was darling!

Roxane said...

Your kids are adorable! I dont quite think the girls are ready to drive just yet LOL

The Rambler said...

Where have you been??

I've missed YOU YOU YOU!

And I LOVE the cake, LOVE the shots of you and the kids, LOVE LOVE the wheely shot.


Alright...are you over the lovefest!


RootsAndWingsCo said...

I like the layout of your blog. Your pictures of you and your kids is adorable. But what I had to comment on most is the cake! My 3 year old loves that movie. I have never seen a cake as creative as that. It is FREAKING amazing!!


The DeL Sisters said...

Adorable cake!

The Tan of A said...

If I come over for one of my birthdays can we make me a party with a theme? I always wanted one, but my mom isn't very "crafty" in that sense. I love your cake! I want to do this!

Anonymous said...

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