Thursday, April 23, 2009

I survived

I'm sure you were all just waiting on pins and needles to hear about sister in law's big wedding event. Well, I needed this long to process everything and recover from the stress I know you're thinking, wait this wasn't her wedding, why was she on my friends, read on. I'm going to pepper this post with pictures from the rehearsal and getting ready.

As I'm frantically packing last Thursday afternoon I realize one set of sparkly, pink, flower girl shoes are M.I.A. CRAP MAN! I've had those bad boys sitting pretty in their boxes for over a month and NOW I can't find one pair?! We let the girls wear their shoes for Easter. After Mass I changed Twin B and immediately took her shoes off and carefully placed them back in their box. Mother in law changed Twin A. I knew that was going to be a problem. I later saw Twin A skipping about in her sparkly shoes. I told mother in law to please remove them and put them back where they belong...well yeah, no.

I was in full freak out mode while The Dude sat, playing on his iPhone really, I am SOOOO close to flushing that thing. He throws out the ever-so-helpful, "lemmie call my Mom and see what she says." The look on my face was one of touch that phone to call your Mom and I will gut you. I decided to write it off as a loss and made plans to head to Target when we got there. Crisis averted.

Twins were super stoked that they got to drink water out "fancy cups."

The rehearsal was fairly uneventful. There were older children doing things one should not do in a Cathedral so I thought my kids would be thought of as angels. WRONG. Father in law accused the twins of doing the bad things and threw us out of the Cathedral...nice.

Pickles danced till he dropped at the rehearsal dinner.

The Dude and sister in law

Me and my little Pickles

Day of the wedding, I got to Target and got everyone ready in time. Amazing, no? Pickles, apparently trying to order room serive...that kid is ALWAYS hungry.
Twin B was all smiles
The kids, extrememly bored in the bridal suite.
The kids and I rode in the limo with the bridal party and then waited in a tiny little room for 1 1/2 hrs....yeah fun. The girls did great. Got tons of laughs and smiles as they waved to everyone down the aisle.
We hopped a shuttle bus back to the hotel for the reception. It was like the ride of death. The driver was friggen nuts. My bag tipped over within the first minute of the trip, spilling the contents. Thought I picked everything up, but apparently not. My phone is missing. Oh, and the shuttle bus company's number has been disconnected since Sunday morning. CRAP!

At the reception, we garnered more than our fair share of attention. The Dude had worn his Dress Blues and looked AMAZING *swoon*. The downside to that part? Oh, the drunks. One poor sap walked up to The Dude and started flipping his medals with his fingers.
Dear God, he's going to kill him
The Dude snatched the guy's hand, "Don't touch those."
Drunk guy, "What are these?" His hand is now white as The Dude has cut off circulation to his hand with the grip of death. "You win these or are these just for show?"
Run for your life idiot! He's about to rip your arm off!!!!
"I earned these. Do not EVER disrespect this uniform again." He gave one last good squeeze before letting go. Drunk guy quickly changes gears and starts apologizing and praising The Dude. Wow, uncomfortable!!!
Not to be outdone for idiot of the night award, The Dude's uncle asks him why he wore his uniform, "Not like you're a Marine anymore or anything." Do you people have a death wish?!
The Dude, "I am still a Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine."

Stupid Uncle, "No you're not. You haven't been in the military for a couple of years now."
The Dude, 'I will always be a Marine. Don't disrespect my uniform or my service again." he too had made flippant remarks about the medals. I love The Dude. He was so cool under that pressure. The Dude a few years ago, would have probably severely hurt those guys. Ah, to be older and wiser.
Other than those two incidences, things were good. I got a migraine and had to call it a night by 10:30pm. We literally had to drag the twins off the dance floor.

Unfortunately, I did not have the foresight to request pictures of The Dude, the kids and I all dressed up. People are slowly emailing me candid pics of us all dressed up. I think the bridal photographer got a few. I'll show 'em if and when we get them.
I need a drink after all of that!


Sally's World said...

theres always someone drunk and embarrasing at a wedding isn't disrespectful, it part of who he is..its like when people make the mistake of saying now that aarons passed away i only have three doesn't work that way...

my grandad always wore his uniform and medals, he was always a soldier, even in his seventies...

the photos are great, you look stunning and the kids look like they had a great time...

MammaDucky said...

Oh my goodness, are you serious?! I cannot believe people would say such a thing to you! Give me names and addresses and I'll give them a proper lashing!

Sassypants Wifey said...

Aww, look how big the girls look, like little girls man.

Love when Hubs wears his stack and there are guys twice his age with half the medals. Sucks when they do just hand them out to eachother, cause then when they are earned they seem less important. Hubs has a few big ones that I wish he wasn't so humble about, but then I guess he wouldnt be him, eh? Cant wait to see pics of all you guys together!