Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The New Mu-Mu?

Maxi dresses. They're all the rage. Everyone who's anyone has them that was said in my most snobbish valley-girl tone. I bought a pajama maxi dress this weekend. I LOVE it. I find myself slipping into that thing the instant I get home. The Dude likes it. Thinks I look cute in it. Then it dawned on me, this is a Mu-Mu for my era. Seriously, think about it.

House dresses/day dresses have been around F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I have evidence.

This is where I think it all started. These are "day dresses" from the 1810s. Kinda comfy looking, considering what was worn prior to this (think bustles and corsets). Dudes, I would totally wear that. These beauties could HIDE some flaws!

We're gonna jump forward a bit here for the next example. The "house dress" of the 1940s. Still elegant looking, but again, comfortable. This, ladies, is what we would wear to lounge about if we were stylin' ladies of the 1940s.Moving right along, a dress of the 1960s. Very mod. Very chic. The mu-mu shape is slowly developing.

Moving along. Rambler, help me out here. This is listed as "island wear." As in current island wear. I picked it cuz I remember seeing a lot of this kinda stuff in the 80s.

Now we come to the classic Mu-Mu. The Golden Girls variety. STYLIN!!

Finally, my friends, I present you with the current day "Maxi dress," which I've now come to realize is an updated Mu-Mu.

It is now acceptable and even fashionable to go out in a glorified nightgown. SWEET! Now, I must work on bringing back that "bed head" look for your hair. Remember that phase? That was my favorite hairstyle fad...right up their with the "Rachel."


Jenny Wegner said...

Along these lines, I own not one, but two items of maternity wear that I wear regularly. I purchased both of them at thrift stores and didn't realized they were for those with a bun in the oven until after the purchase was made. Not that it would've stopped me from buying them. They're so loose and comfy, AND cute!

Also, my hair is really short right now (spring do!)and I have a funny work schedule (those statements seem unrelated, but stay with me). I work 7 or 7:30-9am, then a longer shift in the afternoon. One and a half to two hours is NOT a long enough shift to require that I really get ready for the day and shower, right? Plus, it's SO early. I wake up about 10-15 minutes before I have to leave the house. This means no shower. With short hair this means that I inevitably have multiple Alfalfa spikes on my head. Sure, I try to wet them down quickly and if it's cold I wear a hat, but in general, I am still rockin' the bed head look. Wow, that was a really long shpeal just to make mention of bed head. Anyway...hey Mary!

Sassypants Wifey said...

And this my dear is why I totally heart you, forever and ever. Because I also know that we would so rock those first two pictures, even now. Especially now. I have a maxi-esque shorter dress that I LOVE. I figure if we actually go to whoo vegas this summer I will pic up a few necessary dresses and a long comfy one will be on my list too. Smoochies my dear.

Sally's World said...

woo hoo finally, i can wear skirts and still cover up the varicose veins i love long dresses, so much more elegant!(and more forgiving ;))

Penz said...

you are soo right! the moo-moo is back. but do you notice that not everyone is "fashioable" in them...I showed this to my BF and she said I was effin crazy to think that she would go buy one. Her words were " maxi dresses are like the pads, not for the big boned girls"

I love her dearly. But back to the point, I love them myself. I have one. Oh, and do you remember wearing the long denim skirts back in the day too! Man I had a fav of those too... as for the bed head...flip your hair over, spray it with hair spray flip it back up flatten with your hand a bit and poof...there you have by a mile. :)

MammaDucky said...

J-Dawg, I'm totally with ya. That is far to short of a work period to warrant a full "get ready" cycle.
Penz, I am what we would call big-boned and I too thought a maxi would be a no-go. Tell your BF to give 'em a try.
and yes, I remember long denim skirts. I think I still have one in my drawer...shhhhh!

lagirl said...

How do I love this? Let me count the ways. is there anything that could make a girl happier than wearing a Mu-Mu and Flip Flops? I'm just saying, if we start wearing these we won't have to say no to dessert!

B said...

Oh my goodness, you are SO RIGHT!