Monday, April 6, 2009

Weddings bring out the best in people.

My sister in law's wedding is drawing near. The stress is on. One groomsman broke his leg skiing...he's out. One bridesmaid doesn't fit into her dress, so they've essentially kicked her out. Yeah, nice eh?
Poor girl. I feel SOOO bad for her. I can tell she's worked hard to lose weight. She says she's lost about 25 lbs, desperately trying to fit into the dress. Alas, it just won't fit. In her defense, these weren't custom made dresses and this was NOT a dress that bigger girls could wear. I couldn't wear it due to the boobage factor. The dress my dear sister in law selected from J.Crew is made for petite, small busted girls. My sister in law is a small busted, petite girl. She simply didn't consider that one of her bridesmaids is bigger. J.Crew does offer a "special size" no joke, that's what it's labeled as, of a 16. No way in hell would that girl's boobs fit in a size 16...ever. Poor girl has even had a breast reduction already, but if she gains ANY weight, it goes straight to her boobs.
My mother in law and father in law had some interesting thoughts on the subject. It should be noted that they are both petite, thin people and always have been. My father in law said, "Well maybe if she didn't eat so much and actually tried, she wouldn't be so fat." I almost fell out of my damn chair. First of all, if I ate the way my inlaws ate, I would be 300lbs...easy. Secondly, he doesn't know this girl so how can he pass judgement on her lifestyle. When I protested that I thought her large bust was the main problem, my mother in law piped in with "Well she's already had a reduction and we bought the biggest size possible (the "special size" 16). I glanced her way and said, "Well ya know, J.Crew really isn't suited for those of us with bigger busts. Not that you would understand. I couldn't shop at J.Crew even if I wanted to. The clothes simply aren't cut for bodies like mine and M.'s." **special sidenote** my mother in law had that ever present, little, post childbirth pooch that she just couldn't get rid of. She got a tummy tuck last year. Hello pot. Meet kettle.
This didn't change their minds at all. They REALLY, TRULY blame this girl. I wanted to punch my mother in law in the boob for being so heartless.
It really burns me up when people who are skinny and always have been, pass judgement on those of us that battle the bulge. My inlaws gorged themselves on fatty, greasy foods, cheesecake and the empty calories of drink after alcoholic drink this weekend, while I ate as little fat as possible. I stayed away from the chips, mayo, cheesecake, dips, cheeses, and cheesecake, but I'm the fat kid in the group?! Urgh.
That little conversation also made me stop and think...what must they say about ME? I know they picture me like this
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Heck, she bought me a Wii Fit to "help me lose some of that extra weight." How about you come hang out with your grandkids (who live less than a mile away) once in a while, so I can workout!
Once, when the twins were very young and we were over at the inlaws eating dinner, I quickly inhaled my dinner because I knew one or both would be up soon to eat. My mother in law touched me on the shoulder and said, "careful, you don't realize just how many calories you're eating when you eat like that." While that's true, it's also true that sometimes, as a Mom, if you don't eat quickly, you don't get to eat at all. Furthermore, you shouldn't comment on a new Mom's weight, unless you desire a punch to the guy.


Sally's World said...

there will always be those skinnies that look down on us less than stick insect people...i don't worry about it, life's too short to deny myself all the things i love, i haven't got to impress anyone, I'm who cares!

'boobage factor'...too funny!!!!

Anissa said...

I think some people just need to be smacked. I can't stand people that look down on other people. I feel so sorry for that girl -- she should of never asked her to be in the wedding if she knew she would never fit in the dress. I eat what I want when I want and don't care what anyone has to say. Thanks for sharing!

The Blonde Duck said...

Rage is snaking up and down my spine. E-mail me. I have a story I have to tell you. And I have nothing nice to say about your in-laws, so I can't comment on them.

Sassypants Wifey said...

Hmm. maybe if FIL thought about it a little more and kept his damn mouth shut he wouldnt be so stupid. Too much to hope for eh? Well all I can say is those of us with boob envy can be bitchy sometimes. Next time SIL has something smart to say push her down and hold your hand on her forehead. It'll be funny... Tape that for me.

Roxane said...

Some people have no tact whatsoever! I'm naturally a stick but I would never ever judge a person because of their weight. On the flip side of things, I can't tell you how many times I was accused of being anorexic and/or bulimic. It's not nice either way... people should learn to keep their mouths shut!

MammaDucky said...

See, I've been on that end of the spectrum too...seriously, I did used to be skinny. When i was, people accused me of being anorexic or bulemic.

The Rambler said...

No effing way!

I'm punching your mil in the boob too!!

Bastard skinny peeps.


Heart you my friend:)

Redelsperger Family said...

UGH.....why are people so stupid?

PetalsYoga said...

WHOA! I just want to note that you must be a SAINT to put up with these attitudes. I hope your husband treats you like a goddess to make up for it.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Too funny! How can people be so clueless? I feel bad for the ex-bridesmaid too! Life is hard enough without us making it harder for each other!