Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Epidemics R Us

Swine flu is SOOO last month. I think I am single-handedly bringing back the SARS epidemic. Remember that one? When was that, 2003? So yeah, bringin' that back.
Hey look! This Newsweek cover looks a lot like my picture from the Swine Flu mask post!!

I probably, technically, don't have SARS, but dang! I do recall an instance back in 2003 (The Dude was in Iraq) when I was taken via ambulance to the hospital due to a bad asthma attack. The SARS epidemic was in full swing. I was asked SEVERAL times if I had recently traveled to China. Yes, the ER staff thought I had SARS!! Anyway, yeah, feel and sound the same as I did back then. It was so bad they nearly brought The Dude home from Iraq, but I insisted he stay. I realize that comes off as sounding exceedingly strange, but I knew he was torn between coming home to be with me or staying with his guys. I was fine, really, so there was no need for him to go through the guilt/crap of leaving his unit out there.

I was planning on making a doctor's appointment for myself first thing when I got into work....I was too slow to the draw. BOTH of my bosses had already made themselves appointments for this morning, so I will have to wait till tomorrow.

Say friends, who noticed my fancy-shmancy new header?! Heck yeah man! April, over at April Showers did the custom illustration and header for me. Pretty sweet, no?! I'm loving how the cartoon image of me is thin. That is the best weight loss program I have ever used!! Stick around, my blog will soon have other cosmetic procedures done in the near-ish future.


Snarky A. said...

Wow, that is funny. I saw SARS from the other side; I was IN China as it broke out. Not that we were told that anything was going on. Until we were crossing the border into another country... Oh, fun times. Fun times.

Jess said...

I was so surprised when I opened your blog and the new header popped up!
It is so cute!! I LOVE it too pieces.
I hope you make it to the dr soon and feel better!

Little Lady Cakes said...

I lurve your new header!!

And I lurve you, so feel better.


noble pig said...

Oh gawd.

Sassypants Wifey said...

I soooo remember chatting with you right after said incident. Way to create hysteria, and it wasnt even with your boobs. ZING! Cause we all know with your hoots and a sly look, you can totally create that mob effect. Sorry I hain't been around. Love the header though! Miss you mucho. Morgan got a big girl bike today. Made me all emotional. Oh, and got asked by a preschool mom if I was pregnant. Aint that piss in the ole cheerios when you already feel like a knife weilding maniac is trying to exit your sinuses via your forehead?

Would you also quit trying to contract diseases? Cripes, quit using that as a cunning way to get me out there. Death bed or not, I do not want your SARS... What? Whats that? Bottle of wine? OOOHHHH, well then, yes. Sign me up.

The Rambler said...

I LOVE your new header!!!


Did I mention I loved it yet?