Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've learned a new language

Ok, so it probably doesn't qualify as an actual language. More like words and phrases I've picked up since moving here. In all honesty, I still have a difficult time understanding what some people say around here. People from "down da bayou," well, you can just forget about it. Smile and nod is about all I can muster. I always think back to that scene in "Finding Nemo" where Squirt is trying to instruct Marlin on having a safe jump.

Yeah, yeah. Like that, only not as cute.
So, allow me to teach you some common terms used down here in South Louisiana let's all say a prayer that I'm not thrown out of the state for teasing.
Aw, sha/Aw, che/Aw, cher (sha is pronounced with a short "a" sound): this is a term of endearment. Usually used when something is cute or precious. I'm guessing it comes from the French phrase Mon Cherie which means my darling. When one looks at a new baby or someone's baby pictures you'll often here that simple comment: "Aw, sha." Some people go further with "Sha bebe" or "Sha tu-tu" "Sha tatootsie." I don't know what any of those extras mean or if they're just added gibberish. My guess is the latter.
Lagniappe (lann-yap): it actually refers to a small gift or gratuity added by a merchant when someone makes a purchase. Kinda like a 13th donut when ordering a dozen. Around here it just refers to "something extra." Example: "Ya got a little lagniappe there on ya face" used when someone has a crumb or smudge on their face. OR "I put a little lagniappe in the card for ya" when a little something extra, like money, was place in a card.
Making groceries: grocery shopping. "Hey, I'm goin' make groceries. Ya need anything?" No, I'm not kidding.
Saving groceries: putting your groceries away. "Gotta get home and save ma groceries." Again, I'm not kidding here people!!
Hose pipe: hose, of the garden variety. Why add the extra word? I dunno, but people around here look at me funny when I just say hose.
School Bag: The Dude seriously didn't know what I was talking about when I asked where his backpack was.
Frissons (free-zons): chills/shivers. "Wooo! Dat gave me da frissons!"
Envie (Ohn-vee): a craving. "Man, I gots me an envie for some crawfish!" not me though, gross.
Boucherie (BOO sher ee): basically a pig roast
Parish: county. yeah, we don't have counties around here. Weird, I know.
"Are you getting down?": Are you getting out of the car?
Boude (boo-day): to pout, or be angry. "He bouded all day long because he couldn't go fishing."
Boo: honey, sweetheart. "Hey Boo, what's for supper?"
Coulon (coo-yon): stupid or foolish person. "Look at dat coulon over dere."
Make do-do: to take a nap. "Come on y'all. Time to go make do-do."
My-nez: this is actually just how they pronounce the word mayonnaise. First time I heard it, I just had a blank stare and leaned over to ask The Dude what the hell his Dad was asking me from me.
Rodee(row-day): to go for a ride, run the roads. "I'mma go rodee, wanna come?"
T: Little. T is placed in front of any name to signify a son/junior. "Aw, look at little T-Nick." No kidding, some people are listed in the phone book as T-so-and-so.
Seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more that I simply cannot spell or have no earthly idea what they mean. My apologizes to my cajun readers, but you must realize some of the terminology is hilarious, right?
Ok, so you're all set for a visit to Louisiana. Come on down and set a spell.


The Blonde Duck said...

Yup. Sounds just like Shreveport.

Sassypants Wifey said...

I want one run on with all the words...

Anissa said...

To funny! I'm down here In Oakdale Louisiana, about 30 min. south of Alexandria.

Salinda said...

I must admit that I think I've used everyone of those expressions! Yikes!

MammaDucky said...

Ooops, more Cajuns read this than I realized! Hope I didn't offend?!!! I heart Louisiana. I heart Louisiana. I heart Louisiana. I heart Louisiana.

cajunjenn said...

Chalk me up to saying the majority of those...oops guess I am a true Cajun LOL

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love to hear things from all over this country. You would think we are from different countries, and not the same one! ;) Thanks for the lesson.