Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I love fair season!

This past weekend was our town's annual Fireman's Fair. The proceeds go to our volunteer fire department. There is tons of food, rides, and great music. It all culminates Sunday with a big parade and auction.

Pickles planting a wet one on Aunt Ali

The Dude is a member of the volunteer fire department so I didn't see much of him the whole weekend. The grand Marshall this year was my girl "Aunt Ali" 's Daddy! Yay! It is a HUGE deal! She, along with her brother and Mother got to ride on an antique fire truck in the parade, while her Daddy rode a horse. Pickles and I were allowed into the grand Marshall's viewing stand at the parade route which was super cool. All the fire company's stop in front of the viewing stand and do a little salute or skit and all the bands do a special song in front of the stands.
Pickles with Aunt Ali watching a band do a presentation for the Grand Marshall

The girls rode on a float in the parade. Unfortunately, they started to fall asleep near the end of the parade so The Dude carried them the rest of the way.

Woke up in time to wave to Mamma


The Rambler said...


Where's pics of YOU Missy??

MammaDucky said...

Ya know, I thought about that as I scrolled through my pics from that day. Then I scrolled through some other pictures. There aren't a lot of me because I'm always BEHIND the camera. Probably best that way!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

Looks like a grand time!