Friday, May 8, 2009

Margarita Mayhem

Friends, this is a very sad day in MammaDucky-land. I threw away cookies. Not just like one cookie, like a lot. They were crap and not worth the calories. I had high hopes for these cookies. The very sound of their name sent me over the moon umm, helloooo?! Margarita and Sangria cookies?!?!?!?
My friend was looking for something cool and different to bring to this big annual Cinco Nuevo de Mayo party. She came across this recipe for these cookies with actual alcohol in them SCORE! We were both super stoked and ready for action. She bought all of the ingredients despite my protests of "but I have everything you could possibly need." Oh how I was wrong. She showed up with two different kinds of Jell-O, sea salt, and all sorts of things. Hmmmm.

At this point I'm thinking that I probably should have looked over the recipe, but we'll just go with the flow (and drink plenty of wine).

Or whatever else the recipe called for and was alcoholic.

The first night, we just mixed up the dough (yes it took us multiple nights. Dough used for cut-outs should sit in the fridge overnight, silly-heads). The margarita dough tasted super yummy, the sangria one, eh. I wrapped 'em up and popped them in the fridge.

We damn near polished off the bottle of wine. We stopped when we realized we would need more wine for the glaze...ooops.

Night two: rolled out the dough, cut the margarita glass shaped cookies and a few lime slice shaped ones (gotta be authentic people!). The Dude even helped with this part. The two of them got all into it. They started twisting the stems of the glasses and getting crazy. There were like a brazillion cookies. Seriously, like a lot.

As they cooled I glanced over the recipe for the glaze. This is the part that required Jell-O. It didn't make sense in my head and my baking senses started to tingle, wait, Jell-O never dries and it's very sticky, yet I kept right on following the recipe.

In addition to the Jell-O, it had triple sec and wine (or tequila, respectively). So after we got done glazing the cookies, we did little Jell-O shots...mistake. We barely got them down. Blegh! Moving right along. It had gotten very late at this point of course, we did stop to watch Grey's Anatomy.

My friend suggested I whip up the frosting while she finished glazing. Deal. Another "hmmmmm" moment. This recipe is for a powdered sugar glaze, more or less, not a recipe to be used to do decorative frosting. Yet, I followed the directions to the letter. STUPID! We were left with exceedingly runny, albeit tasty, alcoholic icing/glaze. We tried to pipe it onto the cookie anyway, much to our amusement.

Eeeep! It looks like there was some sort of bloody battle!

Oh yeah, forgot to add that the recipe called for the "glasses" to be rimmed *giggle* with a sugar/salt mixture. Pretty much the icing and the sugar/salt mixture dissolved into the cookie.

Needless to say, the Jell-O covered cookies were soft and VERY sticky. If I were to make these again which I won't there would be a mountain of changes I would make to this recipe.

I had a little prayer service over the trash can as I tossed these in. *sniffly, sniff* Always sad to see a cookie in the can.

P.S. My friend thought they were great and packed them up and took her half to her party. I suggested serving strong margaritas before serving our cookie versions.


Sassypants Wifey said...


lagirl said...

I actually thought the Green ones were really cute. But, I know that sometimes when one works so long and hard on a project you just get sick of it by the time you're finished. That's the way I feel about homemade ice cream. I go to all the bother when I could actually just BUY some that tasted just as good without going to all the trouble. Bummer!

Go with the wine,
and all will be well. LOL

bluntdelivery said...

i would never. ever. have the patience to do even one of these cookies.

i salute you.

Jenny Wegner said...

That's some determination! They didn't taste good? I thought they looked really cool, although sticky is a problem. :(

Veggie Mom said...

I know how to rescue your fiesta...the sweet-flavored POPrs make GREAT rimming material, so enjoy your margaritas anyway, without the sticky mess!