Thursday, July 16, 2009

Holla at 'cha girl!

This is a very special MammaDucky entry not at all similar to the "very special episode of Full House" or any other dramedy.
Today, my dear friends, is my best friend's birthday! Yay! Shasty's birthday!!! I love me some Shasty. Do we all know the story of my Shasty and I met? Gather 'round kids. Everyone sitting Indian style that probably isn't P.C. anymore but that's what we called it when I was little. Rambler! No talking during story time!!
Ok, ready?
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...ok, so I'm totally stealing that line, but seriously, it was. Our brave men were off at war. Left behind, in a tiny little desert town, were two beautiful young wives hush, it's my story. Actually, if I'm gonna be completely honest, there were lots of young wives left behind. Entire neighborhoods devoid of men. Only women and children remained.

I didn't know a whole lot of people out there. We had wed less than 6 months prior and I had moved there within the 3 months of his deployment. It was a lonely existence. Back then, you didn't get emails, let alone phone calls or letters. We were slaves to our phones and the mail carrier...just waiting for any word.
We both found solice in a website support group for Marine Wives. Someone asked if there were any Twentynine Palms wives on the board and all of us out in the good 'ole "Stumps" started talking online. Eventually, someone got up the courage to host a BBQ so we could all meet up. I wasn't in the best of moods when I went. I was down about not hearing from The Dude in a long time and had just gotten out of the hospital after a rather nasty asthma attack the one where they thought I had SARS. Another friend insisted I go, so I did. I was uncomfortable, to say the least. I was shy back then.

We were all standing in the kitchen chatting when the host, who was visibly pregnant, opened her freezer to get out some ice. She pulled out a bottle of vodka and remarked how she used to LOVE drinking it. A cutesy brunette standing across from me quipped, "Oh, is that how you got knocked up?" I nearly peed my pants. Immediate thought was, I LOVE THIS CHICK! Oh my heavens, someone with a sense of humor...MY kind of humor. Needless to say, not EVERYONE thought that was funny, but we did.

We've shared heartache and happiness. Good times and bad times. Her hubs got out of the Marine Corps before The Dude left for his second deployment and they moved home to Colorado, but we kept in constant contact. Shortly before The Dude's return, Shasty called me with the wonderful news that she was expecting her first child. A few short months later, with The Dude safely home, we too discovered we were pregnant. Is that not every girl's dream? To be pregnant with your best friend?! We liked it so much, in fact, that we did it again a second time. This time, I got knockered up (at her house, tee-hee) and a short time later, she too found herself with child.

We live a great distance apart. I miss my Shasty every single day. We try to chat as often as possible, but you know how difficult that can be sometimes. She is a wonderful mother and amazing friend. I am truly blessed to have her in my life. I hope to see her and her beautiful family again very soon. Love you, miss you Shasty.

P.S. I couldn't interest you in a house down here, could I?? Hey, a girl's gotta try!
P.P. S. If you haven't already clicked on her name(s) in this post (which are links to various posts on her blog), click here and check out her blog. Leave some birthday lovin'.


Sassypants Wifey said...

Awww, I love you! Thanks

Sassypants Wifey said...

I SOOO forgot to add that during said conversation about vodka, she also spoke of their sex swing in the el garaje, so that contributed to my pregnancy equation in my head. just didnt come out so great, lol. dont you remember them talking about that?!

MammaDucky said...

Gah!! That's where I heard that!! I could never remember who I heard talking about that! Sheesh. I recall feeling dirty as I leaned against their garage door whilst trying to hear The Dude on my phone. It's all coming back, now! He called, from a bunker, during the BBQ but we got cut off with only a few words spoken. Hence the grumpiness.

JennyMac said...

So cute and love the pics!

Anonymous said...

awww. i love this story.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet story! It's such a blessing when you have a good friend!

Transparent Mama said...

Thanks for coming by and giving me some comment love. My best friend lives far away too. I miss her too. I would have cracked up uncontrollably at that Vodka comment too.

shortmama said...

Came by from sassypants blog...what a great bestie you are!

Colleen said...

You're such a great BF...what lucky ladies :)

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Don't we all need a best friend like that!? I'm glad you guys have each other!