Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're not worthy!!!!

Dearest Bloggy Buddies,

I must apologize for my absentness. My stupid job apparently expects me to work?! The nerve of some people. We'll slow down soon, then I'll be back to boring you all with my ridiculous rantings on a regular basis...who's excited?? Thought so.
Let me shift gears right quick and allow you into this wonderful and exclusive world known as the life of the privileged.

The Dude and I attended a VERY swanky wedding last Friday. We're talking, this was the fanciest even I will ever attend in my life, type deal.

The actual wedding took place at New Orleans' famed St. Louis Cathedral. While it was a beautiful ceremony, the most fancy stuff was yet to come.
The reception was at the Roosevelt in New Orleans, which was newly remodeled. This, in fact, was the first even since the remodel. Anywho, the place was beautiful on it's own, but throw in a crap-ton of money for decorations and it was amazing!
Lemmie break a few things down for ya:
100,000 white roses <---NOT a typo

$20,000 wedding dress

Don't worry, I didn't see the $20,000 worth in it either, and I saw it in person!
750 guests RSVP'd

There were all kinds of foods, from appetizers, to seafood, to classic Cajun delights, to prime rib, to turkey, to pastas made in front of you, gourmet cheeses and fruit and a sushi bar.

Does that give you some kind of idea what we're dealing with here?? NO? Let me show y'all some pictures then.
The groom's cake. Representin' da Saints (Who dat?!) and the Hornets. Cake was super dry and yuck. Looked nice though.

View of the main ballroom. I say main, cuz there were like 4 rooms.

Oyster bar setup.

The tables. Those centerpieces were JAM-PACKED with roses. They had smaller center pieces with probably only 4 dozen roses on them...we took one of those home. WHAT? I had permission from the bride's Daddy!!

Martini bar cut from ice. Behind it was an ice sculpture of a fleur de lis.

Sushi bar. There were TWO sushi chefs on either side of that ice wall. Yes, those are whole fish frozen into a block of ice.

This was just the appetizer set up.

Alligator head ice sculpture with shrimp scattered in and around it. Those are oyster shooters in the shot glasses.

Sorry for the crappy picture, I took this with my phone. This dude was hand rolling cigars, which were then given out as the wedding favors. I snapped this as we waited our turn to use the photo booth. Yeah, photo booth instead of a guestbook.

The wedding cake. SUPER yummy. Almost like a doberge. White cake with strawberry Italian buttercream filling.

...And the Pièce de résistance ...

Mother-effing PERCY SLEDGE serenaded the couple for their first dance!! He sang his hit, "When a Man Loves a Woman." Quality.


The Rambler said...

Dang girl. I'm so jealous. That was the most beautiful wedding I'd ever seen.

Sheesh...how do you not tinkle a little when being sung that incredible song?

Roxane said...

You had me at Oyster Bar! lol... I must say that if I paid 20K for a dress, I would have a different look in mind (but hey it's it's the bride's style, then good for her!)

Sassypants Wifey said...

rough life there... how ever will they top that???

Sally's World said...

Oh my what a great wedding, and that song melts me heart, imagine HIM actually singing it, trying not to be jealous (and failing, lol)