Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I will not be silenced! My Facebook page will NOT be censored!!!

Ok, perhaps I'm being a tad dramatic.

I updated my status the other day, and let's just say it didn't go over so well with my husband's brat of a sister. Mind you, I knew she would see it. I'm not stupid. I'll tell you what I put, followed by a little back story.
I'm sorry I'm more concerned out the BUSINESS during our busiest season than your stupid, stinky dog. Yes, she IS stupid. Something is not right with that dog. Driving an hour each way during business hours to take her to the vet is silly. P.S. They haven't cured her. She still stinks!
I knew my boss/father in law had an check up scheduled for one of his dogs that morning. I knew when he had to leave. With that in mind I had a small list of things I needed to discuss with him prior to him leaving town. I had everything organized and all the necessary documents at the ready so he wouldn't have to waste any time.
I caught him on his way in the door, talking as we walked. Suddenly his hand flew up in my face and he snapped, "I don't have time for this right now!!" and walked away. Oooooo-kay. He walked into his office and began surfing the Internet and chatting on the phone about his weekend. Just then, in walked a friend of his. They sat in his office chatting and joking until he had to leave for the appointment.
The rest of the day I had deal with the aftermath of him ignoring his very simple tasks for the day. Seriously, it would have taken maybe 5 minutes for him to address the problems I had. So I posted that little blurb on Facebook. WHAT?! I was fed up with his constant disregard for the company's well being. I didn't really appreciate him throwing his hand in my face either. I hadn't slept well the night before and was NOT in the mood for that. Was that the most adult thing to write? Probably not. But it kinda made me feel better, especially when my friend started chiming in with their own boss drama.
My dear sister in law took it upon herself to copy and paste my status into an email and sent it along to my father in law AND mother in law. WTF??!! My mother in law has nothing to do with the company, despite what she may believe. If my father in law dies, she doesn't get the company, she gets a cash settlement. Anywhooo, so the drama began.
The Dude got attacked from all angles. His Dad, his Mom and his sister all called him and attempted to rip him a new one for my comments. He, of course, fired back at them and each call ended in hang ups. His Dad actually got over it really quickly when, I suspect, he realized what I had said was actually a valid complaint. He was dismissive and the dog DOES smell bad, which is why she's at the friggen vet all the time. Also, it's kinda like a family joke that we call her stupid. They call her "stupid Molly." Now here's the best part: My mother in law and sister in law were upset that I called the dog stinky. THAT is what they were pissed about!! Bahahahahahahahaha!! Seriously?! SIL was actually crying on the phone, upset that I would call "a member of the family stinky." My MIL said the same thing. The apple doesn't fall far from the crazy tree, my friends.
So, I did what anybody would do. I deleted my sister in law from my Facebook friends, my Myspace and blocked her. Problem solved. Now she's pee-pee hurt that we aren't "friends" anymore. What a twit.


The Rambler said...

OH the drama the in laws can invoke.

We here for you sister!! :)

Anissa said...

I know how you feel -- Having that problem right now. But I say what I want when I want and if they can't take it oh well. TFS

Princess Andy said...

gosh sakes i'm glad i don't have in-laws anymore.

they think i'm a whore.


p.s. i kind of am, but i was still good enough to send cards to their snarky asses for 12 years.

p.p.s. bitches.

Aunt Julie said...

Well-said! Listen, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Aunt Julie, Veggie Mom's SIL. Veggie is retiring today as the proprietress at Eat Your Veggies! today, and I'm stepping in. I realize I have really BIG shoes to fill, but I'm up to the challenge. Please come by and wish Veggie a fond farewell on her last post. Look forward to seeing you over at my new place!

Mel said...

NOT EXACTLY the encouragement a girl needs as she's planning her wedding... LOL

I'm glad your husband handled it well. And if your FIL is over it, then everyone should just let it go. WTH?! It's YOUR fb page!

the lactator said...
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The Blonde Duck said...

That's why I'm not on facebook.

Jenny Wegner said...

ha! it made me laugh out loud when you said you deleted her from your friends.

My goodness, that is some silliness.