Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Big Reveal

I know you have all just been dying to see my finished birthday cake....ok, maybe not. However, I was fairly impressed with myself as it was my first time using this particular method of cake decorating.

Trying to show ya all angles.Of course, I could not have done it without these three helpers.

First, the twins. They were there ready to lick any bowls I put before them. I wonder if you notice that canister filled with powdered sugar just by Twin B's hand. Hmmm, yes. After I snapped this picture I turned around to continue working on the cake. Twin B took that opportunity to snatch the canister and run away with it. The Dude found her perched on the ottoman shoveling handfuls of powdered sugar into her mouth. Nice.

And this little guy.

What a great help he was, eating all of my cake cuttings. Super helpful! That is, until he dumped the plate on the floor and ran for the broom, crushing all the crumbs onto the floor.

**Tomorrow, or later, I'll begin posting the how to's and recipes for this little lovely.


Shorty said...

Beautiful cake! I love it!

The Rambler said...

Where do I place my order???

Kick butt cake.

Wait a minute, didn't you and I agree on 2, count em TWO, cakes for your birthday? :))))

Michelle said...

Yeah... but the sooner you have them learn to help you, the sooner they can do it themselves, right? (Oh please tell me I'm right with this theory!)

Absolutely gorgeous cake. I'm in awe of people who have cake decorating skills like this. I aspire to it, but I know I need to take a cake decorating course. Someday.

And thank you so much for coming to visit my blog. Today has been so much fun and so lovely to see the response and fun comments. I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed my blog and come back to visit soon!