Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to starve a hubby and give a kid nightmares!

There are some obvious reasons why Mammas aren't allowed to be sick. The whole world quickly falls apart.
The other day I had an earth shattering migraine. I spent a lot of time looking like this poor soul, on the floor of my bathroom.
Thankfully, the baby went to bed early and without a fuss. The Dude put me in bed and stayed as quiet as possible. As I tried to drift off to sleep, it occurred to me that I should probably give food options to The Dude. I passed out instead.
The next morning as I handed The Dude his coffee he remarked that it was amazing how he wasn't that hungry, given the fact that he hadn't eaten supper. That's right. I've got the lad so spoiled that if I don't fix his meals, he doesn't eat. Poor guy. That's just pathetic, eh?
Anyway, I recovered and fed the guy.
My girlies were given these pink teddy bear blanket things (you know the type, teddy bear head with a blanket instead of a body) with their names and birth date embroidered on them when they were babies. They love those things. I'm not posting a picture of them because they look awful. Even with washings, they just look yucky. Well, my lil' Pickles has grown jealous of these bears. I searched high and low from one for him and all I could come up with were very small ones. Not quite what the girls have. So I decided to make my own.
I went to our enormous stash of stuffed animals and picked a nice soft one. I went the the Wally World and purchased an inexpensive baby blanket, one with a satin edge.

I cut off the parts of the bear I wasn't going to need. **NOTE: do NOT do this in the presence of children...nightmares will ensue.

I folded up the edge of one side of the blanket like a fan

and ran some embroidery floss through it.

Yes, I realize the thread doesn't match. I couldn't find my blue! I found every other color under the sun, just not blue....whatever.

Then, I went back and stitched the blanket to the bear and back through the blanket. I didn't want that sucker coming off!

Ta-da!!! Next time, I wouldn't stitch through the satiny part. I'm not sure why I thought that would work the best. Oh well, live and learn. I will probably re-do this one anyway but with BLUE thread! It would look way better had I stitched it together just below the satin. He would have had a little collar, kinda.
Hey, I never said I was a professional!!!


The Blonde Duck said...

My husband doesn't feed himself if I'm not around either!

The Rambler said...

Aww, hope you feel better!

It looks good. The blankie :)

I did almost gasp when I saw the cut up bear parts :)

No joke. The Word Verification is reBEARa...mmm, ReBEARa: to take old bear and REmake him into A blankie.

Jenny Wegner said...

whoa dude that is so great - niiiiiice crafting skillz

Sadiebug and her Mom said...

I think I'm traumatized by that. I should never witness teddy surgeries.

Maricris said...

Poor you! I hate it when I get migraines too w/c ironically, I got them yesterday. I still have a bit of residual pain but manageable enough to let me do some blogging. I didn't go to work. This bad really. I like your ingenious creation. That's awesome.