Monday, January 12, 2009

How to NOT get invited to next year's party.

We went to The Dude's cousin's son's 2nd birthday party on Saturday (did ya follow that??). At last year's party, The Dude got "yelled at" by his cousin for the girls throwing leaves in their little pond-thing. Two things there: A.) at the time, there was a huge tree nearby, also "throwing" leaves into said pond. 2.) the stupid "pond" (it's really a big bowl with a teeny fountain in the middle) is SOOOO not a good idea to have when you have little ones (hello! drowning risk people!!).
When we got there, the girls ran straight for the pond/bowl. I, trying to prevent a repeat incident, reprimanded them promptly and asked that they leave the thing alone. They did as told, or so I thought. Then I opened up my email this morning and found these:
I just realized you can't read the white captions I added. Oh well. I'll just type what's on them.
She notices the water.

Hey! Let's throw some leaves in!Disapproving look. (By girl in purple shirt, arms folded. Looking very smug)My turn to hit!!Back to the job of filling pond thing with leaves.Father of homeowner finally notices...does nothing.This last one is kinda self explanatory.Yeah, totally won't be surprised if our invitation to next year's big party gets lost in the mail.

But look at this here pic, she just looks so sweet and innocent. Ok, ok, it's the OTHER twin. Ya know, the one NOT throwing the leaves in the pond during the pinata event.

To top everything off, while the birthday boy was opening presents and cameras were snapping away, Pickles walks up in front of the camera and says, "Cheeeeeeeese!"

He then proceeded to strike about 10 different poses before finally moving out of the way. Good times!


Penz said...

Thats funny. What do they expect though? A little "pond" like that is just begging to have things thrown in there...don't feel bad daughter would have thrown in the mulchy dirt no the leaves...tell them to lighten up too..your having a birthday party for little kids at your home, they need to expect that either something is going to get broken or dirty.. have a good day love.

Shan said...

Sorry homeslice, what the hell kind of "pond" is that, I mean really? it a)is supposed to be buried, 2) unless it has an 8, make that 10 foot wall around it, open invite for kids. Dur. I say good job, that twinny was thinking on her feet to not have to go next year. Shes one of us for sure. Give them smoochies from us!
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How did they know???

The Blonde Duck said...

LOL! That's really funny.

Nana said...

Looks more like an old tire with some water in it. My kids would have thrown each other in it. I don't know, that was my observation. Those are some cute kiddies ya got there!!

jesse said...

Hahahahaha, this is hilarious. And yeah, a "pond" like that is just BEGGGGGGGGING to have crap thrown in there. If I were the owner, I'd forgive your lil daughter in a second because she is just SO darned CUTE!!!

Zen Ventures said...

oh gosh! let the kids have some fun y'know! Your kids are so cute. I'm sure you have cool pictures of them you can use for DeCode Wednesday. Btw, that's an invitation. See you tom?

Zen Ventures
Tosty Brown

TuTu's Bliss said...

WOWZA those are some blue eyes. I'm starting to think he is related to my Miss Blue Eyes