Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My birthday cake

Help me choose! Yes, I'm making my own. But that ensures I have the right kind!!! I know there are a lot of flavors to choose from...please help me!
I already know how I'll be decorating it:I LOVE fireflies!! Some of my fondest childhood memories involve catching fireflies (probably more chasing than actual catching). On to the choices for flavors.
Option 1: Lemon butter cake with rasberry mousse filling. lemon buttercream icing

Option 2: chocolate butter cake with cookies and cream mousse filling, plain buttercream icing

Option 3: walnut caramel cake with chocolate mousse filling, plain buttercream icing

Option 4: hazelnut cake with with chocolate hazelnut mousse filling with (undetermined icing type)

Option 5: banana cake with french custard filling, buttercream icing

Option 6: orange butter cake with orange mousse filling, buttercream icing

Option 7: mocha cake with chocolate mousse filling (or Bailey's Irish cream mousse, or whipped chocolate ganache), buttercream icing.
Option 8: butter cake with whipped chocolate ganache filling, plain buttercream icing.

I have a poll to the left, please help me decide!

Maricris over at Zen Ventures
Zen Ventures

invited me to play along with her DeCode Wednesday, game.

View the picture below and try to guess what's REALLY going on here: My beautiful friend Meagan and her hubby Luke exchanging wedding vows.





Look again. What's that in the corner?

Oh yes, it's my darling child yelling, "I have to pee-pee" really LOUDLY during the vows. Nice


Zen Ventures said...

LOL!!! I didn't see that coming. I was so engrossed looking at the wedding vows going on! Great DeCode Photo! Thanks for playing! Mr. Linky is there. Do you have a No Script running in your browser? If you do just allow Blenza and will pop right up. If not, I'll manually enter you. Let me know if it works. Thanks MammaDucky! he he

Zen Ventures said...

NAD before I forget, I LOVE no. 7! Choose no. 7. Mocha/Chocolate PERFECT combo! YUM!!!

Penz said...

How funny is that...kids are cute ans know exactly when to go pee huh.. :)

My question to you...do you bake the cakes from scratch? And if so, can you send me the recipe for butter cake that you use? penz04@yahoo.com . ... I am trying to find a tasty cake recipe that I can play around with making cakes...its a new hobby I'm trying out. Good luck. Oh I voted for 1 but like the banana and also well, all of them sound really good. :)

The Rambler said...

So funny.

First I think you should make two cakes. 1 lemon one and 7 the mocha one.....cause...who shouldn't have 2 cakes?

Loved the photo!

Shan said...

oooh, the Rambler is on to something... Who shouldnt have 2 cakes?! Sophia just had two. Two is SOOOOO the way to go! Any of them sound pretty dang good. I think you should come make all of them, let me taste them, then vote... yep, lets plan that.

The Blonde Duck said...

LOL! I was looking for a drunk groomsmen.

I like #2

Julia said...

Well done! THis is a challenging but worthwhile project that MC has brewed up!

Zen Ventures said...

Hey! Got something for you in my blog. Come and get it when you can.