Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm All For Easy!

**WARNING** the pictures in this post are horrible. They were taken on my cell phone. Sorry, but I was just too lazy to go downstairs and find my real camera.
My girl, Sarah, over at Thrifty Decor Chick is always coming up with these rockin', low cost, design ideas. I love her. L.O.V.E her. Anyshway, as I was perusing her site one day I was a entry titled " The easiest window treatments. Ever. Period. " That sounds TOTALLY up my alley. Pictured below are the curtains (if you can even call them that) that hang in the twincesses room.

No, they are nothing fancy. They were essentially there for one reason only: to block light (yes I see the light peeking through, normally it doesn't do that. The side was just pulled back a tad). They do their job, very well actually. They're just very BLAH.

When I pull them back, it doesn't get much better.

Enter Ms. Sarah's fabulous idea.

Again, this is a super crappy picture. I'm telling you, it looks fab in person! There are three windows and I've done this to all of them in that room. All I did was get a coordinating ribbon (on clearance at Hobby Lobby for .35 a yard!~aren't you proud of me Sarah?!) and drape it over the top of the curtain hanging up. I cut it to the length I wanted, tied 'em up and voila! Now, if you follow the link, she words the instructions far better than I do. Cool, no?


Yeah, yeah, I know I said I'd do the recipes for the cake and icing today. I was in a muffin baking frenzy this morning and forgot to grab my recipes. So sue me. please don't really sue me. By the way, it was a lemon cake with raspberry mousse filling and lemon buttercream frosting.

**Yes, dear Rambler, I said I would do two cakes. I didn't actually do two on my birthday, but I did make an absolutely devine chocolate truffle cake the weekend prior. Does that count?!


Penz said...

very good. I am checking out her site as well, always need help for decorating and all. Good choice on the cake as well. I am making a cake tomorrow for the superbowl. Going to give fondant a try. Any suggestions? Making a football. Go Cardinals! hopefully :/

The Rambler said...

Whew, I feel better. :)

If I could figure out how to be crafty without it being completely ugly I would so do this!

Again, if I were rich I'd be flying you out here to do my whole house AND cosmo's for days. :)

Happy Happy Birthday by the way.

The Blonde Duck said...

I think you need more pie to accompany the cakes.