Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alarm clocks are for losers!

I slept SOOOO well last night, we overslept. Doh! Yeah, I just did the Homer Simpson "doh!" After getting my little devils to bed (by 7:30!!!!) last night, I was off to grocery shop. Most chill grocery shopping experience in a LONG time...nice. I even got to bed early! Pickles did wake up but not for very long. No snoring hubby, sleeping babies, oh the loveliness of it all.

When I finally did wake up (@7:19) I pushed hubby out of bed (now 19 minutes late for work) and made my coffee. As I sat and sipped my yummy cup of magic I thought about the things I should do with my "free" time since the kids were still sleeping. Laundry? Nah, laundry is for losers. Dishes? Ha! Hubby did them while I was grocery shopping! Clean? What's the point in that?? Craft? Ding ding ding!! A winner! All of you scoffing at my rationale can leave now...quickly, before I cut you.

I pulled out these little wooden hearts that I had painted for the girls a while back.

In a second you will actually see the date when I painted these. Yes, I'm a procrastinator, shut up. Anyhooo, I had done these thinking I would make them into a barrette holder for the eleventy billion clips, ribbon, and bows my girls have. Well, here is is two years later and they still just look like the above pic.

I got my handy-dandy glue gun and attached a ribbon to the back. I wanted it to be ribbed ribbon (not for your pleasure but cuz I felt it would hold clips better), but I've long since used that ribbon up for other things.

Ha ha!! The picture is too small, you can't see the date in the corner!!!! Put your magnifying glasses down, geez.

Here is the finished product. It could be fancier, but I like to keep things real, yo.


My boys are Army Brats said...

Those are so cute. I usually find more important things to than laundry and cleaning too.

Smoochiefrog said...

How cute is that?! I'm so not that talented.

Shannon said...

We need shirts that say laundry is for losers... I tend to find anything else to do over dishes. Stupid dishes... they keep multiplying somehow. What, do people think they need to eat? Geezy. Anywho, cute clippy holders. Morgan only has 2 clippy barettes so far, I dont think we have quite moved into barette holder territory yet.