Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yep! I'm cheap!

I heart my house. Well certain aspects, not so much (kitchen is far too small. I have too much crap to fit into that tiny little nook). I do love that I have a ginormous laundry room/catch all room. It houses the washer and dryer (dur!), an extra fridge, ample closet and cabinet space, a little work area for the hubs, and a lot of other crap...I mean stuff. There is a lot of counter space. UGLY counter space. Hurricane Gustav only managed to ruin the parts of my house that I liked. This little gem remained intact.

The house was built in the '40s and I half think this stuff is original. Aside from the fact that it's hideous, it has huge bo-bos on it.
Off to Lowe's. Don't be scerred ladies, embrace the Lowe's. Anyshway, I picked out some peel and stick tiles that I liked and headed home. Dug into the hubster's tool pouch and found some sharp cutting instrument. After scaring the crap out of said husband while attempting to get the blade out, I set to work.
I lined the pieces up against the wall and stuck those bad boys down. For the second row I had to do some trimming. It's fairly simple: just score it with the blade and bend it on the cut and it snaps right off. Any jagged edges I smoothed with the blade.
It turned out pretty nice. I redid my counter tops in about 30 mins and for $20! Can't beat that. If you can beat that, I don't want to hear about it ya na-sayer!


Shannon said...

Hmm, roger. So what say you about stuff getting into the cracks in between, or are there no cracks? If so, thats crackalackin! Either way, cant beat it I say. Looks nice! good on ya.

MammaDucky said...

No cracks. Dem biotches be tight! Translation: it would be the same as any tile on the floor. These are pushed up together tightly and that glue is SOME sticky!!

HappyHourSue said...

No WAY! You should have your own DIY house project vlog.

p.s just downloaded - and cried to - The hootie song.

Shannon said...

Ha ha, schooled again. You win this time you home makeover vixen you... But I will return, with more questions of reason, however next time I will come bearing booze and chocolate, so as to throw you off your game. hahaha muahahaha ha ha ha. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! Or something of that nature.