Friday, October 17, 2008

Downtown Arts Walk

"Come join us for the Downtown Arts Walk in beautiful historic downtown Thibodaux! Come enjoy and evening full of art, music, poetry, drama, dance choir, kids activities, author's row, roller derby, sax quartet, outdoor film series presentation of Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin/Garfield's Halloween Adventure, food, drinks and much more!"

I lifted that from the city's website since, apparently, this event has no site or link. Really? Roller Derby? Was that just thrown in to see if anybody was paying attention? I just keep hearing that song, "one of these things is not like the other," playing in my head.

Anyway, this Arts Walk dealy-o sounds pretty cool to me. Plus, some of our super talented friends will be exhibiting work there! Weeee! If you're in the area, come hang out with me and the fam! Wow, that's a lot of exclamation points in today's post. My old English prof. would say I have diarrhea of the exclamation point.

Can't let the day go without a little craftyness! Am I the only one that saves glass baby food jars? I think not. You know you're out there. Anyway, here is a crafty little number for those:

EEeeek! Little Halloweeny votives!

Two quick things to point out: I am a horrible photographer, and the Mod Podge had not yet dried. Deal with those two issues then accept the utter cuteness. I had seen these lovelies in a magazine a LONG time ago, then saw them again over at CindyLou's.

Take some ModPodge or glue and smear that stuff all over the jars. Dig into your gift wrapping stuff and pull out some tissue paper or crepe paper. Slap that onto your ModPodged jars. Try to smooth out wrinkles and bumps, but careful not to rip it. Cut out little eyes, mouths, noses, whatever out of construction paper and make your faces. Glue them on. Coat the whole thing in ModPodge/glue to seal. Let them dry and drop a tea candle in there. Ta-da! You can also make pumpkins using orange crepe/tissue paper, but I didn't have any. Why I had black crepe paper is beyond me, but I did, so I made the cats. White tissue paper is like a standard item in my home so the ghosts were a no brainer. Happy Haunting!


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Wow, those are cool. Love the kitty!
I'd love to come hang out with you in Thibodaux, but I don't know where the hell that is.

SITS Girls said...

Love the Halloweeny votives.

And, roller derby... that is a bit odd... piqued my interest!

Loved your "diddy" in the SITS comments!

nikkicrumpet said...

Very clever!! Now I just need a baby so I'll have some left over jars...OH WAIT...never mind!!!!! Thanks for dropping in on my SITS day. How much fun to meet so many new people!

MammaDucky said...

I think having a baby soley to gain baby food jars so you can make these votives is TOTALLY an OK thing. Who thinks I'm wrong?!?!