Monday, October 6, 2008

How to make a baby wrap

I am a HUGE fan/advocate of baby wearing. I only wish I had had proper wraps/slings when my twins were small(er). With my son, I was gifted a Wrap N Wear brand wrap from my wonderful friend, Missi. Wow, what a difference it made in my life! My son was happier, I could get things done around town and the house, and I still had two free hands (VERY important with twins under the age of 2)!!

I feel that wearing my son created an extra special bond and really helped him in his early days. I still wear him, even at 13 months. My twins are almost three, but they still like to get in on some sling time with Mommy, ha!

A good friend's new wife was expecting a baby and as we chatted one day, I asked if she would like a wrap. I told her I could make them. What I didn't let on was that I hadn't made one yet! EASY!!!!!

A quick Google search led me here . Actually, you don't even need instructions, just some basic knowledge.

For a no-sew option, opt for a cotton jersey material with edges that curl up when cut. Then, simply buy 5 yards and find your scissors. I like the width to be about 25inches, but adjust according to your own preferences (don't go less than 20 inches). Since most fabric is 60 inches wide, you have a second wrap and some left over fabric! Woo-hoo! I love buy one get one sales, ha ha!

I opted to sew one up, ya know, to be fancy. You want a cotton fabric so it breathes well. Cotton gauze is optimal, but you can use other kinds. You just want to make sure there is no "wrong side", that it's washable, and is flexible. Actually, selecting the fabric is the hard part! Next, you just need to cut it to the proper dimensions (same as the no-sew 5 yards by no less than 20 inches). If you're a plus size, start with 6 yards to be safe, then trim as necessary.

Now we want to sew. If you have a serger, lucky for you, just serge all four sides. The rest of us, hem! Essentially, you are done at this point.

On my commercially made wrap, there is a tag, noting the middle of the wrap. You need to find the center of the wrap to start most of your wrapping. So, I purchased some iron on embroidered letters and stuck those puppies on in the middle of the wrap. Voila!

I was so impressed with myself, seriously. PLUS, I have a new wrap for myself!

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Shannon said...

Oh, and it isn't merely a wrap, no, it is much much more. It is a blanket, a pillow, and in a pinch a neck roll for sleeping in the car during long trips. See, that should constitute any cost of supplies, as well as a coffee treat for being so smart and cost effective. Yeah, gotta sneak in those treats where ever applicable, bahahaha. Love ya!