Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall has set in

We finally got a taste of fall weather down here. We took the kiddos to the beach house, for what probably will be the last time for the season. It was so beautiful.

I recently made my first attempt at crocheting a hat. I have never done anything more than crocheting the tops of tea towels so they can hang on a door, so this was big for me. I looked online at patterns, only to discover I can't understand the things (and I thought the Marine Corps had a lot of acronyms!). By looking at pictures, I figured out how to crochet in a round and from there I just figured it out as I went along. This is was my first hat, modeled for us by my lil' pickles (don't mind the chocolate cookie on his face):

On the car ride to the beach, I decided hubby needed a new hat as well. He hasn't taken it off his head since. Here are my two favorite men with their warm heads:
Here is my laymen's attempt at a crochet pattern for a hat.

Crochet in a round. Start by chaining 2-3 single chains (sc). Sc into one chain 6 times (After numerous attempts to properly photograph this, just look here). Now, into each of those 6 sc, sc 2. You will start to see a circular shape already! I just kinda guesstimated how big of a circle to crochet. I figured out the diameter by measuring the head around then divide by Pi {3.14} and subtract about 15% from that to make sure its snug. Ha ha! Didn't know you'd get a math lesson today did ya?!

Once I got the circle to the diameter I wanted, I just single chained around and around. I tried it on my test subjects as I got close to what I thought was the proper length and added or subtracted chains as neccessary. By the final few rows, I started decreasing. To do this, I simply skipped a sc about every 4 sc (sc 4, skip the 5th, sc 6, 7, 8, 9, skip 10 etc.). Who is confused yet? I am. See why I skipped the pattern and just tried to figure it out??!

They turned out pretty dandy and took very little time. On the car ride home I crocheted myself a pumpkin hat to wear for the next few weeks ! Fancy eh?!

I'm going to make pink hats for the girls and attempt to stitch a crown shaped pattern on it for them. Their heads look cold, do they not?!


Shannon said...

Dude, will you quit showing up all of us nonworking nontalented people?! Geeze, the hubster might start expecting me to actually do something if he gets wind of what you get done! I can think of 3 little girls who would love specially made beanies with love in every stitch... (who is the third you ask? well it certainly isn't me...) Cant wait to see how the girls' turn out!

My boys are Army Brats said...

I have no crafting talent! They look proud in their hats!