Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Decorating the gir...oh look something shiny!

My attention span can probably best be described as that of a gnat's. Hey, keeps it interesting. This entry was initially going to show the trash can I decoupaged for the girls' bedroom. It just went off in all kinds of directions. There is no map for this blog, or as I like to call it, "Mr Toad's Wild Ride." Good luck.
I was in the twin's room this weekend cleaning (as per usual) when I decided I hated their plain white trash can. Plain is no good. So I fancified it (that is a word, I looked it up, nevermind what dictionary, read on).

This is the ugly old thing when I started. Gross, right?

I took some pretty paper, modge podge and a little ribbon and ended up with this

I know, I know

nothing grand, but hey, it looks a lot better then what I started with! I just trimmed the paper to fit, slapped some modge podge on there, then applied two coats over the top. I trimmed the edges with satin ribbon cuz that's how I roll ;) .

Moving on. As I was getting ready to post this, I looked over and saw my beautiful Boo Baskets and thought I should tell you all about them too. What is boo-ing you might wonder. It is simple really. You basically put together a little basket or bag of goodies, attach a note, put it on a friend/neighbor's doorstep then run like hell. The note should contain well wishes and instruct the recipient to keep the idea going. Instruct them to refill the bag/basket with treats and goodies and pass it along to someone else. See, fun right?! Here are my baskets (well, cauldrens actually)

I made little name tags that look like candy corns. I just cut the pieces out of colored cardstock and glued together
Head on over here to see another blogger's boo-baskets and her ideas on the subject.
P.S. If you see one of these cauldren's pop up on your doorstep, IT WASN'T ME!!! Tee-hee!
*I edited the original post down a bit. It was off in too many directions. Something about an accidental Barbie sunhat, crocheting in school pick up lines, and votives...too much. Another day my friends, another day.

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