Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Half baby, half cockatoo

Guess I shouldn't have switched his Cheerios with that bird seed huh?
Maybe I just shouldn't let him mash spaghetti with a roux-based sauce (read: paste) in his hair??? Or maybe I did this on purpose?!?!?! I like his rocker hair!
Now, for more serious news. The mighty Magnolia in our back/side yard must go. Now our deck is built around this thing (see picture).

So now we're going to have bench seating around a stump??? Nice conversation starter, says I. Poor little swings. They were whipped around by Gustav's winds and the branch itself snapped The insurance company says "Dis got's to go, ho!" Ok, maybe she didn't word it like that, I'm paraphrasing. Apparently, when a huge ass tree splits in places off the trunk that's a problem.

I was hoping to leave it all up to fate and just invite people I don't like to hang out on my deck (Please snap, please snap). Whatevs. Upside: No more sweeping the stupid leaves off the deck.
Downside: no shade on the deck. Not to mention the deck wrapped around nothing.

Here is another problem: Pickles will not leave his pickle costume on! Doesn't he know I spent countless hours on that! And by countless hours I mean one.

Look at him wriggle out of that thing! Booger. Speaking of boogers, check out Twin B digging for gold in the background. Sweet

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Shan said...

Dude, seriously, tell those kids to quit that growing! He is so freakin cute it scares me a little, dont put me in charge of telling him no, cause I would fail. Give em kisses from Auntie.