Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've joined a cult

I'm waiting on my black t-shirt, jeans, and Nike's to arrive (poor taste??). Kidding. But yes, I've joined the cult that is scrapbooking. I took a class last night for beginners with my two lovely friends (thanks for coming Katie and Alison!). I'm hooked.

A while back I noticed a new shop. The name, Scrapalicious caught my attention. I had always kinda snickered at the whole scrapbooking craze. It seemed lame and excessive. But, I went in just to browse as I often use scrapbooking materials for different crafts. There was so much PRETTY. That's what I'm labeling it as, just "pretty."

Oh how I wanted to take home all of the pretty last night (I succeeded in making off with a good bit). Nick, if you're reading this, stop now....seriously, stop. Yeah, I totally spent more than I anticipated but ding-dang!

Vera, the owner is a wonderfully sweet chick who was all about helping us newbies out. If you're in the area, go check out her store.

The thrifty Mary came out in full force this morning and I was checkin out ebay and the like looking for deals to expand my new hobby. So, I guess I owe an apology to all you scrapbookers. I am now happily a member of your cult. All hail the pretty!

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