Monday, February 16, 2009

Boy Did I Pull the Wool Over HER Eyes!

I'm kidding, of course. Penz gave me this fabulous award yesterday. THANKS!!

I shall be passing it along to 5 other awesome Mommies (NOTE: you're all awesome in my book. No really, I could show you the book if you'd like).

1. My Shasty. She is an awesome Mamma and I'm honored to know her in "real life."

2. My Rambler (yes, I saw that Penz gave it to you , but I wanted to give it to you too because that's how I roll)

3. Sarah, aka Thrifty Decor Chick; I love when she talks about her son and step daughter, very sweet.

4. Trish, at The Kobialka Family. She makes me want to strive to be the best Mommy possible.

5. Not Your Typical Mommy. Just read her "all about me" section. I love it.

Here are some rules:

1) Admit that ONE thing you feel awful about involving being a mom. Get it off your shoulders. Once you've written it down, you are NO LONGER allowed to feel bad. It's over with, it's in the past. Remember, you're a good mom!

~When I was sick a while back, I forgot to get the twins from school. I just went home and lay down. The school called and asked if I was on the way yet. I felt horrible. Blegh.

2)To remind yourself that you ARE a good mom, list SEVEN things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you. These are the things to remind yourself of EVERY DAY that you rock!

1. I LOVE how affection the kids are. Yes, they can beat the crap out of each other at times, but they genuinely love each other and love giving hugs and kisses.

2. I LOVE breakfast on the weekends. I get to cook huge breakfasts and make a big mess. They're always so grateful.

3. I LOVE that the girls now come and crawl into bed with us in the mornings before we start our day.

4. I LOVE taking the kids to the park. They just love it. They could stay there all day long.

5. I LOVE the looks on the girls' faces as they see my car pull into the pick up line at school.

6. I LOVE watching Pickles drift off to sleep.

7. I LOVE letting the kids help me cook or bake.

3)Send this to FIVE other Moms of the Year that deserve forgiveness and a reminder that they, too, are the best moms they can be!!! Remember to send them a note to let them know you've selected them, and add a link to the person who nominated you!"

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