Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Warning: angry ducky.

Ya know that song Adam Sandler wrote, "Ode To My Car?"
Well that song played in my head everytime I saw our sheet rock finisher's truck.
One particularly busy morning we had him, our contractor, and about 10 guys working on our roof, all over at the same time. There were vehicles everywhere. Sheet rock guy parked his hoopty right across the driveway. The Dude asked him if maybe he didn't think he should move it. Guy said, "Nah, it's cool." Ooooo-kay.
Ten mins. later: The Dude, after arguing with his Dad/boss on the phone gets in his truck and guns it in reverse. Oooopsy. Sheet rock guy comes out, says its no big deal, he's got lots of dents already. The Dude, trying to be nice, tells him he'll pay for any repairs (idiot).
A day or so later they talk it over and decide he'll take it to a local shop and they'll send US the bill. Well, that never happened. FIVE months later, the guy starts showing up at our house late in the evening asking for cash. The Dude tells him that we'll settle up with him later, pretty much just to get him to leave because at this point I had gotten the gun out and had it behind the door. They discuss options. The Dude tells him he'll go with him to the junk yard (is that what we call them? maybe scrap yard?) and put the stuff on the credit card.
This morning, sheet rock guy starts calling and saying he already bought it and wants $1,000.00 cash. Ummmmm, no. The truck is only worth $1,500.00 to start with. Plus, we told him how we wanted to handle the fundage. I'm getting a superbad vibe from this guy. I don't know him from Adam and don't want to hand over a wad of cash for him to go blow on drugs or alcohol or something (that's my drinking money!).
ANYSHWAY, The Dude is on my case telling me to just write a check. I'm refusing. I don't like how this went down. I'm willing to negotiate with the guy, but there ain't no way in hizzell I'm giving him 1,000 bones, no questions asked. I needs me a reciept or something, and a signed statement saying that this settles everything (I've watched Judge Judy, I know how this works).
So tell me. Am I being ridiculous or what? I'm currently nursing a headache from being so ticked off about this. Should I write the check??


Shorty said...

Don't know that I could write that check either. I'm with you...see a receipt and then talk, then put it in writing as to what's being agreed to, then write a check including five months of depreciation for this numb nut not taking care of business when it first happened! Sheesh!

Hohni said...

Hell no...
He should of taken care of it months ago, or at least turned in a police report or something!!! How are you guys to know that he didn't get more damage done to it at a later date?

The Blonde Duck said...

I'd be furious.

Jenny Wegner said...

For sure I would not be down to write that check...unless I felt forced into it bc I thought our lives were in danger. And that of course would be all bad news.

Also, you know how to operate a gun?! whoa lady.

Also your aside about it being your booze money made me laugh. It's so true. I don't give money to folks on the street very often, often thinking I'd rather support some organization that helps in job training/placement or drug rehab type stuff, and i've heard a lot of people say that they never give money to panhandlers bc they'll just spend it on booze/drugs, and many of those people, myself included, will instead spend that money on our own booze. ha! i thought it an insightfully witty comment.

The Rambler said...

Reading backwards.....

I wouldn't give this numb nut (love Shorty's word) ANYTHING. 5 months later? Come on. And what Hohni said. How do you know it's damage from YOU.