Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Least productive work week in Louisiana

I'm thinking the rest of this work week will be fairly non-productive here in Louisiana. Now that carnival season has come to a close, it's back to real life. Bahahahahaha! Crawfish season just started! People down here LOVE crawfish and having crawfish boils! Just another excuse to invite people over and drink beer. So, all being good Catholics, they'll abstain from meat on Fridays, instead opting for massive amounts of boiled seafood and beer. Not really a sacrifice as most of them would choose boiled seafood over meat most days.
Not me man. No seafood for this little chick. Ewww! I'll just munch on the other items thrown in the boil: potatoes, corn, mushrooms so spicy your lips burn, garlic, etc. Hmmm, not much of a meal there is it? Crap, I lose again.

Lemmie show ya some pics of our paradin'.
Does anyone else think my breastestes look stupidly big in this picture? I swear, looks bigger than Pickle's head! THIS is why I want a reduction people!Shortly after this picture was snapped, Twin B pulled back and declared, "Ok, that's enough. No more kisses or hugs." Ah, the love was short lived.
I know of two, yes TWO people that broke their jaw at parades. One poor little baby (2 yr old) fell out of the back of a pickup that he was watching the parade from. No, the truck wasn't moving. He's already had surgery to insert a metal plate in his jaw as it was broken in 3 places. Poor kid. Another lady knew someone on a float and caught their attention. It's common practice to "bomb" any parade watchers you're friends with. This entails throwing ridiculous amounts of beads and other throws at your friends. Beads are packaged in plastic bags in a gross (12 dozen necklaces). Those bags easily weigh several pounds and are what you're "bombed" with. I've seen children in tears after getting struck, people knocked down, you get the idea. This unlucky lady took several bags to the face, followed by a full beer can. Yes, you read that right. They threw her a beer. Not at all unheard of. When The Dude rode in a parade several years ago (pre-children) he tossed me a beer or two as he rode by. Anyway, the beer struck her square in the jaw, breaking it. Yipes!
I am SOOOOOOO happy my husband is one of those fix it type guys. My washing machine decided to just quit working mid cycle (full tub and all!). Thankfully he had the door switch changed out and the load finished within an hour. Sweet! Later, when talking with an acquaintance, I realized how luck I am when the guy said, "Oh no. Dude, when a washing machine quits working, I'd just throw it out and buy a new one." Wow, seriously? Yes, seriously.
It came out in discussion last night that my boss a.k.a. my father in law is kinda holding The Dude back at work because, get this, he's scared that if he sends The Dude to out of town things that I won't be able to "handle the kids" by myself, and I'll complain to him. Um, what? A.) I can handle my children on my own just fine, thanks; 2.) FIL is the LAST person I would ever complain to if I were having a hard time caring for the kids. Here's a thought: if you (FIL) think that I might be having a hard time with the kids, how 'bout you and Mamma In Law take your grandkids every now and then. Novel idea huh? Or, just make the 1 minute trip over to our house to help out. Oh I'm sorry, that would probably interrupt your social life. My bad.


Sassypants Wifey said...

Whoo show me your boobs! Wait, a day late?? damn, always my luck... Glad paradin was good. I say FIL is making mad excuses for not wanting to fork over more money.

Hohni said...

Yes, they do look ginormous!!! Wish I had that problem. I noticing that in your pics everyone has WHITE ass teeth. Must be all that good clean livin down that way!!!! Someday, maybe, I can get the hubby to take me on a vacation and we can see Mardi Gras. He'd fit right in with the beer drinking!!! TONS of Busch Light gets drunk in our house.

noble pig said...

One day I must get to Mardi Gras.

Jess said...

I feel your pain about your FIL..
I just don't have any words of wisdom for you.

Anonymous said...

I never realized the parades could actually injure ppl.

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Ha!! Looks like you had fun!!