Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm sorry, have you lost your mind?

My sister in law is getting married in a couple of months. I cannot wait until the whole process is over. She is basically completely disinterested in the whole planning process, which is fine except that her father (aka my boss) is planning the whole thing. It is stressing ME out. Today, I spent the morning figuring out the correct postage for her wedding invitations. She is The Dude's only sibling and neither of us are in the wedding (despite a large wedding party), so I guess I'm just helping out the family. I won't hold my breath for a thank you.

The groomsmen have been trying to plan the big bachelor party. Unbeknownst to me, bachelor parties are no longer single night trips to the strip club with a bunch of alcohol. Oh, no, no, no. They want to take this show on the road! The plan is to go to Houston (a 4-5 hr drive) on a Friday (translation: must take a day off of work), stay at some swanky hotel, golf on Saturday morning, then party like rock stars Saturday night, finally returning home on Sunday. The cost, per guy, for the hotel and limo (for partying Saturday night) is about $250! That's not even including the greens fees for golfing Saturday (which by the way will run about $110). That is also not including food or alcohol. A little note was tacked on to the end of the email (The Dude let me read it) which read, "Plus, we expect everyone to kick in a little extra for the groom's drinks and lap dances." The Dude has stated that there is about a snowball's chance in hell that he's paying for his future brother in law to get a lap dance. Awwwe, I raised him right. Let it be known that built into the price is the suite they're getting for the groom-to-be to have for himself.

Do they think money grows on trees?

Even if it did, mine would probably look a little more like thisSeriously man. Talk about not thinking about anyone else. How ridiculous is it to ask that people throw down this kind of money to partake in the celebration? Not to mention the numerous gifts we have to buy for the showerS and wedding. Oh oh, and lets not forget the $350 we have to shell out for two nights at the hotel where the wedding is being held. The money we're throwing out for this wedding is more than we spent when we got married (granted, we eloped, but still!).

I apparently need to head to the bank and secure a loan to pay for all this crap. God help me if she invites me to the bachelorette party. I may have to sell one of my kids to pay for that! I'm kidding, I would never sell my children. The Dude, on the other hand...


Shorty said...

I agree with you, that's completely rude and inconsiderate of the planners of this bash to think that everyone has lots of money to blow. Especially in this economy. I would seriously consider not going.

I actually had to pass on my friend's bachelorette party that was going to be held in Las Vegas...kind of along the same lines as what you're talking about. Enough of us must have declined because the bride-to-be sent a follow-up Evite letting us know she had decided to have something in town instead of on the road since money was tight for almost everyone. Thank goodness!

Jess said...

That's just effin' ridiculous!!!

I'm tight like that!! lol
Oh, and the bottom tree? that's the same way mine would look only a few less bills!!

When is this 'flushing money down the potty' party over??

The Rambler said...

You would think how the economy is people would be more sensitive to the fact that for some that might be ALOT of money?

Wow, and pretty tacky to add the note at the end that they expect everyone to chip in for all the food and drinks. Thought this was the best mans' job??

Oh, and you and I have the same money tree. :(

MammaDucky said...

I just dropped my sister in law a little message on Facebook, "wow, the bachelor party is, um...extravegant." THat was probably too subtle though.

The Blonde Duck said...

That is soooo tacky! We went to a real ritzy wedding in October where they had events all weekend, but everything was paid for. We just showed up. That's the classy thing to do. That is beyond tacky. I wouldn't go!

Doublebanker said...

Especially with the economy being tough right now...gotta be considerate of the expense!

Gave you a couple clickity clicks.

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Sassypants Wifey said...

Dude, how do I keep missing your posts. Geeze. Well we already pow wowed about this particular topic, but really Hubs wouldnt really be encouraged to go, seeing as how they will be partaking in nudie girlie activities, yep, I am that mean...