Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Kid Looks Like Angelina Jolie

Check out those lips! Ok, but how she got it is not so pleasant.

Imagine my horror, seeing Twin A topple down the stairs. End over end she fell, smashing her head and face on the way down. I actually caught her mid fall before she hit the bottom.
"What happened?!" I yelped at her, but mostly at Twin B.

"Lay-lay pushed me," she said in between sobs. Lay-lay is what Twin A calls Twin B. It sounds nothing like Twin B's actual name. That's just what she's always called her sister.

The look of death was shot in Twin B's direction. She burst into tears, then Pickles burst into tears. Lord have mercy. The Dude swoops in and starts being, well, a man about it. Overreacting and scaring the kids more. In my calmest, yet freaked out voice I tell him to call his mother and get his shoes on, we were going to urgent care.

Like a friggen chicken with it's head cut off, The Dude runs around the living room, not knowing what to do. "Urgent care? Are they open? I think they're closed. Oh man, we're gonna be in the ER all night!"

A quick check of my urgent care pamphlet reveals that they are NOT closed, which I had already told him, but he didn't believe me. I carry Twin A to the car, her mouth full of blood. She had stopped crying by this point and was excited about going to the doctor. The Dude takes one look at the still crying Twin B and Pickles and declares that he will take Twin A and that I should stay home with the others. Fine. Whatever. A few minutes later his mother pulls up, hops in our truck and they pull off. WHOA! What the hell? Why am I the one left behind? I'm the MOTHER for cripes sakes!

I calm the kids down and bathe them. Twin B starts to ask if Twin A will get a sucker and if she might get one too. Seriously kid??

Anyway, in less than an hour, Twin A was seen and discharged. Sent home with ONE sucker and a scrip for antibiotics. She damn near bit through her lip. It looks gnarly dude.

Looks about a brazillion times worse this morning. She's alright though. She came home, gave her sister her sucker (she's a better person than I am!) and asked for TWO hot dogs. I've never seen this kid eat that much....ever. yes, I feed my children hot dogs. Yes, I know what they're made of.

I honestly don't think Twin B was trying to hurt her sister. I think she wanted her to move and they just so happened to be on the stairs at the time.


On a side note: when I went to Walgreen's to get her prescription I discovered that the store brand children's Tylenol and Motrin were on sale two for one! Sweet deal dude. A quick glance around revealed A LOT of the Walgreen's brand meds were on sale two for one. Check it out and stock up!


Jamie said...

Oh my that looks like it HURT...poor twin A & twin B. All you have to do is give my middle one the 'look' and she can't hold it I know she probably felt sooo bad. Glad 'Lay-lay' was excited about going to the Dr. though, hehe. And so sweet of her to give away the sucker.

Jamie :-)

Sassypants Wifey said...

Aww, my poor girl. Tell her that her fairy Godmother sends a kiss and WILL BE MAILING THAT FREAKIN box tomorrow morning. I know, I know, I suck at getting stuff in the mail. I will do it though. Hubs will kill me if it is still here when he gets back. He asked if it was going to be worked into the decor, it has been around so long... Turd that he is.

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

That lip looks painful! If she's willing to give her sister a sucker after that, she must be feeling okay or is just super sweet. Still... Youch!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Jess said...

I would've cried!
I like your fingernail polish! ;)

Veggie Mom said...

Wow...Ouch! I wonder if Angelina Jolie had to go through so much to get her lips to look like that.

The Rambler said...

Oh no Mammaducky....hope the hot dogs helped :) (shhh, they live in my house too)

Hohni said...

I'm getting hooked on Walgreens specials too!! Always helps out the ol' check book!!!

Rachel Tamed said...

I was a a little twin girl once - and it never failed that when one of us was injured, the other was behind the "accident" 100%. We've improved with age. It has to have been a good 10 years since the last time I tried to push my sister down the stairs.

Have fun!