Friday, February 6, 2009

Sheet-Rock Jerk-face update

Crazy, crappy-truck, sheetrock guy just made a HUGE mistake. He called the office (knowing I would pick up) and started going on and on about the damages and how much they cost. When I asked for estimates he said he had two and named the companies that I'd never heard of. I said, "Wait a second. I thought you already took care of it. You brought me a receipt last week for $1,000.00 from Joe-blow's auto body shop for completed work." At this point, the guy, realizing he was caught up in his lies, flips out. He starts yelling and cursing at me. He yelled something along the lines of "Fine, b*tch! We'll do this MY f*#cking way! You'll be sorry," and hung up. I dialed his number back so fast I don't think he realized it was me.
I kept my cool. I called him MR. sheet-rock dude and sir. I asked him to calm down, then calmly told him to NEVER and I mean NEVER speak to me that way again. I told him I wasn't looking to screw him, but wasn't looking to get screwed either. More cursing, more yelling. He hangs up.
I dial The Dude and tell him he'd better handle up on this situation before this crazy guy shows up and I'm forced to take extreme actions (let your mind wander with that little comment, lol).
Bottom line, we're giving him half of what he asked for, which funny enough, is what the estimates I got myself actually total. So, we are paying this jerk, but not how much he thought he could bilk out of us. AND The Dude called him and demanded he come apologize to me in person. I shall try my best not to slap him across the face.
Whew! I am SOOO fired up right now!
I will have a crafty-craft on Monday. I'm excited and hope it turns out. It will be what my girlies bring to school for their Valentine's Day. It's edible playdough! When my little sister was in 4th grade, she and my Dad came up with several different varieties and had to "market" the product as a class project. They can't remember the exact ingredients so I'll be experimenting with a few different ingredients and see what works best and has the best flavor. Have a gread weekend!


Penz said...

Our property manager talked to me like that and I flipped. Jerks I swear!

Good luck with the playdough, let us know which is the best. I have a little one who would love to eat it....I mean, play with it. :)

Lee said...

I thought I'd let you know that I received your order and will work on your layout as soon as my hiatus is over.

The Rambler said...

NO he didn't!!

Girl...I'm so stinking mad too! Farking jerky face! Any man that yells that word to a woman is hands down scumbag.

If I was there, I'd be that lame friend standing behind you with her arms crossed...."Yah, You BETTER say your SORRY!"

I'm that girl. I got your back.

Hohni said...

What an a-hole!! Good for you for standing your ground!! You go girl!!!! I love chicks with attitudes (not that way, I'm a happily married BITCH as I call myself)!!!!