Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crazy is my middle name.

Ok, so that's a lie. My middle name is actually Bob. But you can call me crazy. The Dude and I decided it's high time to lose the baby weight. We have started our own weight loss journey. Yes, we're absolutely friggen nuts to start this the week of Thanksgiving. Oh well.
Don't get me wrong, we aren't morbidly obese but we see a problem. I/we feel more tired (yes, I'm aware that having 3 toddlers could very well be the reason behind that but go with me here), and can't quite keep up with my little munchkins.
I used to be skinny. Stop laughing. I did. But I've always been the chunky monkey of all my siblings. They used to make up songs about it. Remember that song "Everlasting Love," well they changed the lyrics to "Everlasting Lunch," just for me.
Around the time I graduated high school I decided I was ready to make a change. I started working out with my sister. I also started taking herbalife. Don't freak out, this isn't a sales commercial. I'm just telling you what worked for me in the past. I got skinny. Don't believe me? Who would. Anyway, here are some old pics:
Halloween 2001

New Year's Eve 2001 (pictured with one of my sisters)

"Secret" elopement with The Dude . What's with the huge shirt he's wearing?! Oh yeah, I sent him to the store by himself....MISTAKE.

Me, this morning (ignore goofy face). No spanx on, but those are tummy control jeans. Gawd, did I just admit to wearing tummy control jeans?!??!?!? Oh. yeah. I did.

I am now a size 10/12. The previous pics, I was a 5. I have no aspirations of actually fitting into my size 5 pants. I'm a realist. A few things I would like to achieve are to have more energy, "the girls" to get smaller (sorry Dude), and to just feel comfortable in my own skin .

I am again turning to Herbalife. #1 reason being that I have found success with it before. #2 reason, The Dude bought a bunch of it from some guy over the phone (he's a total sucker for telemarketing). I plan on getting some exercising in there too. The Dude and I are trying to work out at lunch and/or alternate working out after work.

I'm also gonna try and cut portions. I love food. I love to cook. I love to bake. That ain't gonna change. We've started fixing our dinner plates using dessert sized plates versus dinner sized. I'm also ever on the hunt for TASTY and healthy foods. Tonight I'm trying out a recipe for Chicken Shawarma, it's a Lebanese meal. Had it at a restaurant and thought it was soooo yummy. I was certain it had to be unhealthy. Low and behold, it's pretter darn healthy. If it's any good, I'll post it tomorrow.

So here's the deal. I need to be held accountable. I need people to say, "Hey tubby. How is the weight loss going?" Mmm-kay?! Thanks.


Pamela said...

I no where your coming from. I gained about 70 lbs after I got married. Blame it completely on my hubby of course...I was never a desert person until I met his family. It's a must have every night w/ them. Anyway...I've had 5 children and it took me a long time to kick myself in the pants and do something about it. I lost about 40 of it doing Atkins about 5 years ago and then joined weight watcher's online in May and lost 33. I do think your nuts for starting it NOW though! No time like the present huh? ;)

The Rambler said...

Are you CRAZY? Thanksgiving week? Turkey, Pumpkin Yum Yum, Mashed Fricken Patatas!

Wait, your going to your in laws...you said the food blows chunks. Your good :)

jesse said...

I dunno about this... looking through your pictures, I have come to the conclusion that you are fucking gorgeous at every weight. I hope you'll be able to embrace the holidays without too much backlash from the diet program... =) And yes, portion control does come into it a lot of the time, unfortunately... ugh, hate those two words.

Zen Ventures said...

I've noticed too that after I gained all those unwanted post baby poundage, it was harder to move, easily gets tired, it was just crazy. I said those because(with a stroke of luck) I lost most of them. Most coz not all! HA! I wish you success in reaching the realistic goal you've set for yourself - keep us posted :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I think you look good now! I'm so glad you found me. I think we're duck soul mates. Once I saw your blog title I let out a huge gasp--"PRINCESSES!"

Hooray for Princesses, craziness and being blond duckie Texans!

Anna Lefler said...

Hey - right on! I have no doubt that you'll reach your goal...

[For what it's worth, I've found those Pria protein bars (the 110-calorie ones) to be really helpful and guilt-free between meals - when what I really want is a fistful of churros. * sigh *]

Rock on and have a wonderful Thanksgiving...

:^) Anna

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

I so thought about putting one of those weight loss jobies on my blog so I would be held accountable. Do you know...I only gained 20 pounds with my pregnancy and lost another 23 within 10 months of having him??? 43 pounds in 10 months!!! And I've gained about seven back and am HATING it. Ridiculous I weigh more now than ten months after I had him!! I'll join you. We should e-mail each other and keep each other honest. I blog too much now instead of working out! GAH!