Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just under the wire

Whew, looks like I made it just in time to post this Thanksgiving blog. When I woke up this morning, I laid in bed thinking about the things I was thankful for. For starters I was awake, lying in my own bed and nobody else was awake! Anyway, anyway, I thought about all the standard things people are thankful for. Then I heard The Dude let out a loud snort and started snoring like he was trying to wake the dead. I realized something. I'm thankful to wake up and hear that snore. There was a time when I didn't know if I would ever hear him snore again. A lot of women's husbands didn't come home from the desert. Instead they got a visit from a chaplain and a folded up flag. So I am thankful to be able to listen to my husband snore.
I am thankful for the baby waking up at 3 am, because somewhere, someone's child did not wake up this morning.
I am thankful for the damage that is still evident to our home from hurricane Gustav. For starters we HAVE A HOME. Damaged or not, it's still ours. We still own it. Something I hope people don't take for granted in this time where so many people are losing their homes to foreclosure. Another reason I'm thankful for the damage is that it made me realize what's really important. My first thought upon returning home a week and a half after the storm and seeing all the damage was, "It's just stuff."
I'm thankful for all the extra crap I have to do at work these means the business is doing well, even in this crap economy. It means I still have a job when so many have lost theirs.
I guess my point is, even the stuff we think we hate and drives us nuts at times is really something to be thankful for.
Much love peeps.


The Rambler said...

Happy Gobble Gobble! How was the "diet" today?

Shan said...

Well, I for one am thankful for you my dear! I hope one day that our Thanksgivings collide and we make one crazy heck of a feast. Even if it's in july, ha. Hope you had a good one.

Zen Ventures said...

yup even in this crazy life we still do have stuffs to be thankful for! Even that guy who snores and snorts in the middle of the night! but dang! I hope they won't do that every night! HA!

The Rambler said...

Girl!! I just put you in my SITSmas post...hehehe, hope you like it?

The Blonde Duck said...

Well said!