Friday, November 7, 2008

Spanx, the arch nemesis of the Muffin Top.

I should have crawled back into bed this morning. Yeah, and then I wake up. Like that is ever going to happen in my life again. Yes, as a Mom you just have to get up and do it.
First thing I noticed this morning, it's pouring rain. Awesome. That makes getting the kids off even that much more fun.
Second thing I notice: um, why is the boat parked in front of my kitchen window??? Oh wait, tree cutting guy is was coming today. Ok, that little mystery explained.
Third thing: what happened to the sugar cookies I baked last night? Why are there only pink and green crumbs left?! Realization: I ate them all.
I have a dinner party to attend tonight. I'm SOOO not getting dressed twice today. I'm currently fully dressed (fancy jewelry and all) for said dinner party. I looke "fancy." Probably too fancy for work. Whatevs.
My stupid Spanx are total quitters. Spanx are a beautiful thing. Usually able to conquer the muffin top without any sit ups! Unfortunately they are not holding in that muffin top quite the way they used to. Hmm, perhaps this has something to do with the sugar cookie incident. Must investigate. *note* put "lots of Spanx, no not that kind" on wish list.
At least it's Friday!
**Edited to add** Fourth thing I'm just now noticing: the weather man lied. The temp. just dropped ten degrees. I'm not dressed for cool weather, crap.

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Shan said...

totally falling down on the job! Geeze, how did i miss this one? Sorry, I am a bad blog reader. Still figuring stuff out. I myself purchased an undergarment for that wedding I went to. It was a life saver. Wont dress up without it again! Miss you pretty!