Friday, November 7, 2008

Princess shoe favor box

**Ignore the UGLY desk and crap in the background. I'm at work still**
These are the little lovelies that I used the spray adhesive on.
The twins' 3rd birthday party is Sunday. It is princess themed (or queen themed if you ask Twin A). I saw a similar version of this shoe favor box done up to be a witch's shoe for Halloween. I thought they would be awesome made over into princess shoes! I was right.
They aren't 100% finished, hence the untrimmed edges and whatnot. I won't be able to post for the weekend as I'll be busy but wanted to get these up. The shoe template can be found here.
The shoe lining template here.
I cut the shoes out of white poster board and the lining is just colored paper. You can certainly doll these up depending on what papers or card stocks you use.
I did a few with spray glitter and was not impressed with the results. Enter the spray adhesive. I used that and some glitter. I liked the results.
I added a little gem to each shoe to finish them off.
Me-thinks 3 yr olds will not really appreciate the effort that went into these, but I had fun.
I will hopefully be able to post what I'm filling these little lovelies with later.


Smoochiefrog said...

My goodness! Color me impressed! Great job!

Shan said...


ThriftyDecorChick said...

These are freakin amazing. Ahh, how fun!!!