Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If you could see me now

You would probably laugh your ass off. After doing so, I would smack you in the face, thus entagling you in my sticky mess. Ha ha! Gotcha biotch!
So, I have this can of spray adhesive. I figure, work is slow, I'm gonna work on this here crafty project. I think the work gods were watching and are punishing me (although they don't punish me for blogging on company time, hmmm). First few sprays go well. Hey, I like this stuff. Wonder if I cand attach this little thing over here and....oops. Little overspray on my fingers there, no biggie. I spray on. Wow, this IS sticky. You would think I would stop, but I don't.
Spray, spray, spray, spray.
Phone rings. Hey, ha ha, my hand is kinda stuck to the phone. Ha ha. Hmmm. Handy Wipe! Glad I saved you. Ah, see there, hand free. Oh look, the glitter! Wow, this glitter really adheres to the spray glue on my hands. Let me read the back: "If comes into contact with skin wash with soap and warm water." So I trek off to the bathroom.!
OOoo, maybe I shouldn't have touched that stack of papers. Aaah! They won't come off!
Carefully take candy bar that has been hanging in my mouth out of mouth. Try to throw away candy bar and wrapper. Candy bar slides into trash. Snickers wrapper remains.
Well, that's embarassing.
Made it to the bathroom. Warm water, soap, repeat. Reach for paper towel. Damn, it sticks.
Back to desk. I grabbed some cotton balls from the bathroom cuz I remembered I had some nail polish remover at my desk (yes, I do A LOT of work). In addition to the glue, glitter, paper bits, candy wrapper and paper towel, my hands were now fuzzy from the cotton balls. But hey, at least I'll have this stuff off soon. Ugh, nail polish remover is STRONG in small space.
What the crap?! STILL STICKY!
I give up. I'm less sticky, but sticky none the less. My fingers are actually sticking to the keys. The brainiac in me also just tried to adjust my ponytail. So yes, now I have my own hair added to the sticky mess on my hands.
Is today over yet?!
**Little bit of fun: I think I'm a little high from the spray adhesive/nail polish remover combo**


Shan said...

totally imagined the whole scenario... good schtuff.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Too funny !! At least you didn't lose your sense of humour!