Monday, November 3, 2008

Syrup in my pocket

Me: "Dude, why is there syrup in my pocket?"
*cheesy sitcom blur to past events*
Dude: "Are you seriously going to give them syrup for their pancakes?"
Me: "What?! I give you syrup for yours."
Dude: "Point taken."
Weekends are my big breakfast days. It's a fun thing for me to do it up big. Sunday wasn't so big, just pancakes and bacon. Ah, but they were SPECIAL.
Since it's fall (forget the fact that the A/C was cranked at the time) I use this time as an excuse to work in pumpkin as much as possible. I mixed in about 1 Cup of pumpkin puree into my favorite pumpkin mix. Add more or less liquid to make it the right consistency.

I had a big helper. He was fabulous at stirring. Ok, that's a lie. But he was cute.

I whipped out a Christmas present of yore, never utilized until now and cooked those puppies up.

Here is where I made what some (Dude) may call a mistake:

Do you see that little medicine cup filled with syrup? The twins love to do things on their own. In all of my genius I figured it would be safer to fill a medicine cup with syrup versus letting them attempt to pour straight from the bottle. Twin A did great. Twin B, not so much. I'm not sure how the syrup ended up in my pocket, but it did.
I didn't cut up the hubby's pancakes (although I probably should have). This was his plate, complete with Maple bacon, mmmmm.

Do yourselves a favor and use REAL maple syrup on these bad boys.

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Shan said...

Hmm, well I suppose you could save it in your pocket, I say you just eat it though... Pickles is such a cutie boy! What a help helper he is also.
On a side note, funny azz shiz. Some one night stand of my brother, get this, POSTED A MISSED CONNECTION POST ON FREAKIN CRAIGSLIST TRYING TO FIND HIM! Jeezy creezy I have never laughed so hard. I wanted email her and tell her to thank her lucky stars and get tested quick, lol. Yet I dont want her having my email, as Shawny-boy likes em on the psycho side...
I shalnt be on for a while, I gots ta clean house cause Yay, Hubby is coming home in T minus 5 hours!