Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Able to create huge messes in a single pass!

Able to leap over younger brothers in a single bound!

Only slightly scared of heights.

Not quite able to skip naps without driving Mom nuts!

Yesterday I had a "free day" of sorts. The sitter had a family emergency so I took full advantage and got some stuff done. Baked, cooled and froze the birthday cake for Sunday's party, worked on the favor boxes, and made the roses that will go on said cake.
I have an unnatural fear of buttercream roses. Not eating them, but making them. I won't even attempt cuz I know I'll fail miserably.
With wee babes in the house, I'm pretty damn good with the playdough. Enter candy clay.
To make the clay: melt a 14 oz. bag of candy melts as per package directions. I always do a double boiler as microwaving is too risky. Nothing is sadder (more sad?) than burned chocolate/candy melts. Anyshway, remove from heat source and stir in 1/3 Cup of caro syrup. Pour out onto waxed paper and let set. Wilton says overnight, but with the cool temps mine was set in a few hours.
Now we knead.
If you want to color your clay, now is the time. I wanted purple (or sterling) roses as a nod to a special someone (hearts!), so blue and pink is what I used. The clay will be hard. Work it/knead it in your hands. The warmth will soften it. If it becomes too soft, pop it in the fridge for a few mins.
We start our rose. Start with a small cone of the clay. Roll a piece about double the size of a pea and flatten with thumb or forefinger. Shoot for about an 1/8 inch in thickness. Wrap this "petal" around the cone, creating a bud.
Continue making petals and wraping them around the flower. Bend and tweak the petals to resemble a real flower. The imperfections make it more lifelike, or at least that's what I tell myself.
I made a few different sizes, including leaving one as a bud. I had plenty of clay left over to do other things with. Should keep a few weeks in airtight container.

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Shan said...

Holy freakin beautimus flowers!!! Those are awesome. Dont show kevin, you know the deal with the purple roses... Seriously you are so damn talented. Oh, I did make that peanut butter chocolate ganache cake last night! That bad boy is a bastard to work with! I suggest totally freezing all 3 layers prior to frosting because mine crumbled. I had to apply the frosting with a decorating bag, and I had already had 2 glasses of our wine... and well that didnt turn out so hot. FYI the cake was crumbling before I started drinking so that wasnt the problem. I am so jealous of your flower making abilities. Awesome job! The girls super hero costumes are fantab! Smooches!