Monday, November 10, 2008

Princess party a success...and some caramel corn

The girl's party was a success! Except for the migraine Mommy was courting through the day, and the debris from the Magnolia tree being cut down, it was perfect!
Here are my two little princesses patiently waiting to open gifts.
The kids LOVED drinking their strawberry lemonade from the royal goblets (*plastic disposable wine glasses embellished with stickers and glitter pen*). They thought they were so cool. All the kids were running around toasting with each other.
We danced with Daddy.

We enjoyed cake. The girls each had their own individual princess cakes while the rest of us dined on the castle.

I guess my little Pickle enjoyed the cake too!

The biggest hit of the party was my caramel corn. I almost didn't make it. It was kinda a last minute addition to my list of treats. I used my Mom's recipe. The Dude swears I've never made it for him...he lies. Anyway, I thought I'd share it with ya.

Mamma Cat's Caramel Corn

Air popped popcorn or stove top popcorn (just don't use microwaved)

1 Cup butter

2 Cups brown sugar

1/2 Cup Karo Syrup

1 tsp. Salt

1 T vanilla

1 tsp. baking soda

I honestly don't know the exact measurment of popcorn. I always just make enough to fill a roasting pan 3/4 of the way to the top. Pop your popcorn and pour into roasting pan. In medium saucepan, melt butter. Add Karo syrup, brown sugar and salt. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Reduce heat to low. Simmer 5 mins without stirring. Remove from heat. Add vanilla and baking soda. **When you add the baking soda, it's going to look like it's out of control, calm down, it's normal**. Pour mixture over popcorn, stir to coat. Place in pre heated 250 degree oven. Bake uncovered for 50 minutes. Stir every ten. Pour caramel corn out onto waxed paper or newspaper to cool. Enjoy!

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ThriftyDecorChick said...

I think the feather boa idea would be ADORABLE with the monograms -- tell me if you do it!!