Friday, November 21, 2008

My own woo-sah

I sewed last night. I needed it. A bit of wooo-sah
I decided to make a hostess gift to bring to Thanksgiving. Yes, despite the rice incident {seriously?!?! Instant rice mix?!?!??!}, I wanted to bring something special. This may even prove that I am capable of handling things slightly more complicated than Uncle Ben's Long Grain Wild Rice.
I made some trivets. What is a trivet you ask? It's what you put your hot pots/dishes on. But this one is oh so special. When you put a hot item on it, wonderful scents of apples and cinnamon are released. It looks like this:
My super duper Aunt used to have a pretty nice home-based business making and selling these things. She has now gone on to other successes, but I have always liked this item. Shout out to my Aunt! Thank you for the instructions!!!!

These are our materials. You may also find a funnel useful, but it's not necessary.
1. Cut the fabric 9 x 22
2. Fold in half and sew 2 long sides together, right sides in
3. Turn right sides out and sew in 4 “channels”, 3 seams the long way
~Each trivet gets 1 pound of rice mixed with a couple of drops of scented oil. I guess you could use any scent you fancy, but she always used Apple Cinnamon. I suggest this sent, especially if you'll be gifting them during the holidays.
4. Fill each aunt used a large funnel, but if you’re just making a few you can make do with an empty toilet roll or something. Make sure you pack the rice tight enough so that you have about 2” left at the top for sewing it shut.
5. I folded the top twice, about ¼ inch, then fold again. Pin it shut and sew it shut. Be careful of your needle breaking on a piece of stray rice. My aunt used to wear protective glasses!I rolled it up and tied it with some gold ribbon-y stuff. Ya know, fancified it. I plan to make a little tag to attach too.

Another thing I remembered was my aunt stored them in ziplock bags before giving them out. Presumably this is to either A.) preserve the scent or 2.) keep the scent level to a minimum in your home if you're making a bunch. In either case, I did the same. Several will fit nicely into a gallon sized bag.


Cheryl said...

Honey, you are sweet, I am flattered, and your trivets turned out beautifully!

Auntie Cheryl

Shan said...

What a nice gift idea, I would keep it for myself in this situation, but I guess thats why you are nicer than me, ha. Very cool idea! You are so crafty!

Cassie said...

I've always wanted to make some of these! Very cute! Thanks for visiting my blog

The Rambler said...

At my maternity class years ago, our instructor actually pulled out this tube sock (it was pretty...and clean), with rice in it and she had lavendar drops for the scent. She told us when we were tired, bloated, tired, bloated :) to throw it in the microwave for like 5 seconds and to use it to to rub your ankles (actually the husband does it) or for your shoulders.

I love this way, and if I can muster it, I'm so trying this!!!!